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Aahna Ashina, nicknamed "Ash," was a Los Angeles Police Department Blade Runner initially active from April 2013 to November 2019.

After escaping to the Off-world colonies, she went by the alias Darja Kady. After her return to Earth nearly a decade later, she became a replicant activist and resumed her Blade Runner career, secretly assisting her replicant targets.

By 2039, Ash had become legendarily known as the "Savior of Replicants" due to her efforts to see fugitive replicants to safety.


Early life and career[]

In 2000,[2] Ash was diagnosed with a rare spinal condition. As a result, her mother left the night after her diagnosis for the Off-world colonies, to earn money and send it back to support Ash, who was left in her grandmother's care.[3] Ash helped her grandmother run a food stand, expressing disdain for the police officers who would come refusing to pay.[4]

In 2009, Ash blackmailed Zhang with compromising photographs in order to obtain a spinal brace from him.[4] Ash had surgery to install the cybernetic spinal brace, which required re-charging. She remained in considerable financial debt as a result of this surgery.[5]

By 2011, Ash had built a reputation for reselling stolen goods and was brought in for questioning at the Los Angeles Police Department headquarters. Her interviewer, Detective Lydia Wojciech, commented that Ash possessed a brain, a rarity among her suspects. Wojciech also stated she admired Ash's persistence, commenting that she would make a good detective.[6]

On April 22, 2013, Ash was assigned to the LAPD Blade Runner unit,[1] performing her first retirement that year.[4] She was the first female Blade Runner.[7] At one point, she was partnered with Lelas, whose behavior convinced her to never again work with a partner.[8]

In 2017, Ash tracked down the replicant Yotun to a shop belonging to a Mr. Malcolm, who claimed to have the capabilities of making replicants disappear. However, Yotun managed to gain the upper hand on Ash by killing Malcolm and throwing his body onto Ash, allowing him to disarm her. He told Ash to tell her superiors that she was beaten by a replicant and shown mercy, saying that she would never see him again.[9]

In 2018, Ash pursued the replicant known as Mack, confronting him on a rooftop. She shot him, causing him to fall into the street below. As she left the area, she informed a group of children so they could scavenge his corpse for parts. However, unknown to her, Mack survived the shots and fall.[10]

Assignment from Selwyn[]

In 2019, after tracking down the replicant Benny – who had killed five people – Ash contemplated selling his eyes on the collectors' market. However, she gave him the option to remove his eyes, which he did and then slit his own throat, to Ash's surprise.[5]

She met with her superior, Wojciech, who informed her that there were no further jobs tracking down replicants at present, but that Alexander Selwyn of the Canaan Corporation had requested a skilled Blade Runner to find his missing wife and daughter.[5]

Ash met with Selwyn in Santa Barbara. Selwyn informed her that his wife Isobel, daughter Cleo, the family chauffeur Arkady, and his wife's spinner had not been seen after leaving the birthday party of Lydia Tyrell. He declined to bring media attention to their disappearance, as he felt it would attract enemies. A further investigation of the home brought no leads.[5]

She took her search to various parts of the city, learning some of Isobel's background before tracking the spinner down to the city's viaduct, finding Arkady murdered inside. Losing energy, the resolved to delay her report until the morning and returned to her home.[5]

A data log was later recovered from the spinner, which showed that Isobel had called a "chop shop," which Ash investigated. There, she encountered a surgeon known as "the Skin," who informed her that Isobel had consulted him about surgery for a birthmark. He then noted that Ash wore a brace. She promptly left as he told her Isobel was going "home."[3]

Ash assigned an officer to tail the Skin, supposedly finding his address at the Carleton. There, Ash encountered Bellingham, an elderly replicant whose appearance was "aged" by the Skin. She questioned him about Isobel and he stated to know "everything" before attacking Ash. She managed to defend herself, but before jumping out of a window, the replicant told her, "Ask Alexander Selwyn why he wants his daughter dead."[3]

Ash later updated Selwyn on the case, but refrained from telling him the replicant's accusation.[3]

Wojciech informed Ash of the Skin's past, including known aliases and an employment history at the Tyrell Corporation. As Ash reflected upon her distaste for Tyrell, she was attacked, resulting in her spinner being shot down.[3]

Ash crash-landed her spinner into an abandoned warehouse. She managed to emerge from the wreckage, but it exploded, injuring her. She was hospitalized, learning thirty hours later that the entire police department was now aware of her brace and resistant to it. Selwyn was also dissatisfied with her performance, so she was dropped from the case, which was transferred to Harry Bryant's division.[8]

She traveled to the Tyrell Corporation, finding that there was a meeting arranged for her with Ms. Elo. Elo wished to hire Ash, telling her that Isobel Selwyn was actually a Nexus-7 replicant, modeled to be identical to Selwyn's late wife. To ensure that she would accept the job, Elo offered, on the corporation's behalf, to cure her condition permanently, making her use of a brace unnecessary. Ash accepted the job and took off in search of Bellingham.[8]

She found her old partner Lelas preparing to brutalize a suspect, but she managed to tase Lelas. By intimidating the suspect, she learned that replicants would seek refuge at a beach south of Los Angeles. Ash determined the location to be in Baja, so began flying that direction.[8]

She arrived at El Santuario, finding Isobel and Cleo under the care of the Replicant Underground. The Underground managed to have Ash stand down, showing her correspondence between Selwyn and Tyrell which indicated that Cleo would be handed over to the Tyrell Corporation as payment for Isobel.[11]

Selwyn then arrived with armed Tyrell personnel, prompting a gunfight. Isobel stayed behind to provide Ash with cover fire, allowing her to escape to Los Angeles with Cleo. There, Ash decided to neither give Cleo to the police nor Tyrell. She asked Cleo of another safe place, to which the girl pointed up in the air.[11]

Escape to the colonies[]

Ash and Cleo escaped to the Off-world colonies, where by 2026, they lived as mother and son Darja and Ian Kady. In the midst of a Nexus-8 uprising, she attempted to leave her workplace to find Cleo, but was stopped by her co-worker Robbens, who feared for their safety.[12]

Ash survived the onslaught, but was subjected to a Voight-Kampff test by Blade Runner Hythe, who happened to know Ash's true identity and attempted to win Ash over by pointing out that Cleo was in the possession of replicants. Later, Ash decided she was done running.[1]

Hythe reinstated Ash as a Blade Runner, hiring her to assist in finding Cleo. This search led them to an aquarium owner, whose information took them to an eye surgeon. The trail then led to the Maze, a notably dangerous borough of Ramanuja. There, they were ambushed by Pellam, leader of the rogue Nexus-8 group that Cleo had traveled with. However, he insisted that the rest of the group was long gone and Hythe retired him.[13]

Ash (2026)

Ash in 2026

Ash and Hythe later went to meet with the Heidecker-Vostro representative who hired Hythe - Isobel Selwyn,[13] who claimed to have survived the battle and had been searching for Cleo in the years since. The three followed Cleo's trail to Ramanuja Station, where Ash noticed an advertisement for Arcadia, believing this to be Cleo's destination. However, Hythe then held Ash at gunpoint, revealing that the Isobel she knew had indeed perished and this one was created in order for Ash to lead her to Cleo. From the crowd, Cleo's companion Padraic emerged and tackled Hythe, saving Ash, but was killed with her sidearm. As Hythe criticized Ash for her sympathy for the replicants, Isobel killed Hythe and revealed that she possessed the previous Isobel's memories, and thus was an ally. Ash then decided to leave Cleo in the care of Isobel so they could find passage to Arcadia while she returned to Earth.[2]

Return to Earth[]

Back in Los Angeles, Ash sought assistance from Wojciech in finding Alexander Selwyn. However, Wojciech could provide no solid leads, instead informing Ash that she must rely on her knowledge of the city from her days as a Blade Runner.[14]

Ash's search led her to the remains of the Tyrell headquarters, where she was ambushed by a group of squatters. She escaped, finding refuge with Fost, a Tyrell scientist who worked on the Isobel Selwyn project and apparently still believed the corporation was in operation. Ash convinced him that she was also on the Isobel project and needed data to send to Selwyn.[14]

Fost assisted in Ash's escape from the building, but she did not make it far before being intercepted by a police officer, tipped off by Wojciech. She attempted to flee, but was soon met by four more officers. In police custody, she was interrogated before being sent to Ventura. However, a Resistance group attacked the police spinner and smuggled Ash to a farm where they resided.[15]

The group's leader, Freysa Sadeghpour, requested Ash's help, beginning to repair her brace in return. However, the farm was attacked by a second Hythe, having been tipped off by Pim. Dyson launched a counter-attack, allowing Ash to escape with Freysa and a boy, Ephraim. Back in the city, Freysa finished repairing the brace and informed Ash of their common goal in hunting down Alexander Selwyn, who has now been illegally producing replicants.[16]

Ash returned to Selwyn's former Santa Barbara home, but was met by Cleo's grown lion and Selwyn with four more Hythes.[16] A fight ensued among them, with Ash managing to kill two of the Hythes and the lion. She managed to slip out of the mansion, but as Selwyn and the remaining Hythes caught up to her, Selwyn used a remote to shut down Ash's brace. Then arrived Cleo and Isobel Selwyn, having delayed their trip to Arcadia in order to confront Alexander. As Alexander Selwyn explained his motives, he plead that the three of them become a family again, but Isobel snapped his neck. As one of the Hythes prepared to kill Isobel, the other killed this Hythe and requested the house and to be forgotten, offering to forget Ash as well in return, as well as the remote to her brace.[17]

Ash returned to the city with Cleo and Isobel, sitting down to dine at a noodle bar. Cleo and Isobel confirmed their plans to go to Arcadia, offering to take Ash along. However, Ash declined, deciding instead that she belonged on Earth and would now assist rogue Nexus-8 replicants.[17]

By 2029, Ash lived with Freysa and returned to the LAPD Blade Runner unit, albeit secretly assisting the escapes of replicants.[18]

Ash responded to a call at an artist's workshop, finding severed body parts along with a replicant, who knew Ash's reputation for rescuing replicants, wanting the same. However, Ash stated she did not save replicants who made such messes as he had, stating "some of you burn too bright." The replicant then attacked her, but she quickly managed to retire him. On her way out, Ash was asked by a nearby resident, Ms. Setter, if she had taken care of the replicant, saying she never thought they were a good idea. Ash replied with a "maybe," confirming she retired the replicant.[18]

Yotun's revolution[]

After an anonymous tip indicated that the Sepulveda Sea Wall construction was employing replicants, Ash was assigned to investigate. At the site, she encountered a replicant who immediately ran from her. Before jumping to his death, the replicant said "Yotun redeems," prompting Ash to rediscover records of Yotun, a replicant who escaped her twelve years before.[9]

Ash later examined the corpse of the man she chased, though her colleague, Pearl, believed that he was a human and not a replicant, due to the lack of a serial number on his eye. Ash's further leads took her investigation nowhere and she went to The Diamant. There, she asked the bartender, Evelyn, if she knew anything about the name Yotun. Her question caught the attention of the nearby Lelia, prompting Ash to follow her out of the building.[19]

Lelia, having been tracked to a cab by Ash, removed one of its doors and threw it onto Ash to allow her escape. Freysa quickly came to Ash's aid and discovered that Lelia had dropped her purse. Inside, Ash and Freysa found an address, which led the couple to a high-rise containing a number of replicants stored within glass tanks.[19]

Afterward, Ash returned to the precinct, where her captain informed her of the grisly murder of Ruskin, a fellow Blade Runner. Ruskin's death – his spine being torn out by hand – was believed to have been caused by the same person who murdered Hyman Bask, a case that was assigned to Ruskin. Ash began her investigation at Ruskin's home, where she found files on the Bask case, leading her to the missing servant Ducasse.[20]

When she returned home, Ash found Lelia awaiting her. Lelia requested Ash accompany her to Yotun, but Ash resisted, instead asking for Yotun's location. Lelia then attacked Ash, managing to knock her out and load her into a spinner, taking off as Freysa arrived home.[20]

Ash came to strapped to a chair, greeted by Kalia, who explained to Ash that Yotun was indeed alive as the result of a miracle, having lived well-past his four-year lifespan. Soon after, Ash was rescued by Jac, a replicant she had helped out of the city the year before, who had since become a lapsed follower of Yotun. Revealing that Yotun has been reviving unshipped Nexus-8s, Jac was killed by Lelia before he could fully explain the motivation behind these revivals. Lelia and Kalia held Ash at gunpoint, awaiting Yotun's arrival.[21]

She soon managed to escape the facility, finding herself in a massive trash heap. Upon seeing Yotun arrive in a spinner, she ran in an attempt to find a weapon, but was incapacitated by her spine. Yotun took her back to his base, where she was strapped to a chair and a group of replicants she previously retired showed themselves to her. Then, as mercy for these lives she had took, Yotun promised her "new life," placing her suspended in a tank.[22]

Soon, Ash was freed from the tank by Silka, Dyson, and Farhad. Upon her exit from the tank, she noticed that her spine, lacking its brace, was functioning perfectly, apparently healed by the tank. Ash managed to escape the facility with Dyson and Farhad, who explained that Yotun had taken Freysa with him for an important mission. Ash, having heard Yotun's plans from inside the tank, stated that she knew where Yotun was headed.[23]

After resting, Ash awoke, noting that she had no pain for the first time and, in addition to her spine, her eyes had also been healed, no longer requiring glasses. She overheard the rest of the group planning their next move against Yotun, ultimately deciding to wait. Ash agreed on this, insisting she go alone to rescue Freysa from Yotun. Borrowing a motorcycle from Boushaki, Ash made her way to the LAPD headquarters, where Yotun had begun his attack.[6]

Inside, Ash managed to dispatch several of Yotun's followers as he broadcast a message to Los Angeles, announcing his group's takeover of the city. Venturing further, Ash discovered the building was bombed and managed to survive an explosion. Further in, she confronted Yotun, who offered her the choice of apprehending him or saving Freysa. Ash opened fire on Yotun, who quickly fled. Ash then found Freysa – her right eye removed – and the pair escaped the building with the assistance of the Underground.[24]

Six months later, Ash and Freysa were found by fugitive replicant Ambrose. They were confronted by Pekka, who demanded they hand over Ambrose, summoning more of Yotun's followers when they refused. Yotun's followers managed to escape with Ambrose. Freysa took note that the attackers were all considerably wrinkled, which Ash surmised was due to Yotun's transfusions.[25]

Ash later went to her sergeant, Esper, failing to reveal any new leads, as the ones she had would compromise her. She was given one week to turn in leads or else she be partnered with Brook Marlowe. Ash and Freysa later ate downtown, at a standstill with the investigation and protection of the Underground.[25]

Ash responded to a call about a break-in to a vault, the perpetrator having fled to a clock tower. There, she notably had a twinge of spinal pain, causing her to drop her gun to a lower level. She soon cornered Pekka, but before she could get any useful information, Marlowe showed up and retired Pekka. Spotting someone else, Ash pursued them, but was unsuccessful. Marlowe told Ash of Esper's concern for her, but Ash insisted on continuing to work alone and took off in her spinner.[26]

Ash returned home to Freysa, helping her clean her eye socket whilst updating her on the case. Ash noted that the vault had belonged to an Alice Leopold, who had passed away three years prior and left to research Leopold and figure out why Yotun's group broke into her vault.[26]

Ash responded to a call at a spinner plant, where three replicants had been found trying to sabotage it. Upon arrival, she found two of them dead and a third near-death, all without any involvement from the plant's workers. She also noted that the three all had the same sort of rash present on them. The living one managed to say "Yotun redeems" before dying. Near the plant, she found an abandoned spinner, believing it to have been used by these three replicants. Upon getting inside, she received a call from Kalia, who assumed she had killed the three replicants. Despite Ash explaining that she had nothing to do with their deaths, Kalia proceeded to deliver a goodbye message to Ash. This tipping off Ash that the spinner was bombed, she managed to escape and survive the explosion.[27]

Knowing where Yotun was, Ash returned to the precinct and reported to Esper. However, Esper instead asked for her to turn over her gun and badge, then placed her under arrest because of her involvement with the Replicant Underground.[27] She was allowed one phone call, which she placed to Wojciech.[28]

As she was being transported from the precinct, Wojciech showed up, feigning disappointment in her in order to distract Ash's guard from Freysa, who knocked them both out. The two hijacked a police spinner and traveled to Yotun's hideout. Upon landing, Ash's rejuvenation began to wear off, causing her spine to start failing. Inside the hideout, they found a dying Kalia who told them that Yotun had "gone home" and identified him as Tyrell.[28]

After Kalia expired, the couple returned to the spinner, wondering where Yotun had gone. Ash determined that Yotun had gone to Tyrell's childhood home in the mountainous town of Edens. Upon reaching the mountains, the spinner was shot down, knocking out Freysa. Ash crawled out and attempted to fight Yotun, but was crippled by her spine, allowing Yotun to restrain her. He led her to a location where he remembered Tyrell burying something, believing it to be the key to both of their futures. However, the box he dug up contained only an owl's bones, which Yotun realized prompted Tyrell's question of whether he could beat death, which led to the creation of replicants. Ash drew a gun on Yotun and commanded him to continue digging. Yotun yielded to her and said that he hoped she would live to see people complete the work that he began. Freysa then shot Yotun, killing him. She picked up Ash and carried her away, saying she had a story to tell her about a "miracle."[28]

Savior of Replicants[]

By 2039, Ash had become known as the "Savior of Replicants" and accepted transplant eyes as payment for her assistance.[7] The degenerative disease that afflicted her spine had spread to her eyes and lungs, necessitating the removal of her left eye.[29]

She accepted a payment of eyes from fugitive replicant Lexi,[7] who informed her that her friend had been killed by Luv, a replicant Blade Runner. She flew Lexi by spinner to a camper she lived in with Freysa. Upon entering, she was startled by a man inside and drew a gun on him. However, Freysa quickly entered and introduced him as Sapper, having served with him in military conflicts.[29]

With the eyes provided by Lexi, Ash and Freysa implanted them into their empty sockets. After Freysa pointed out the irony that Ash was now being paid in body parts, having sold them twenty years before. Ash then told Freysa of the replicant Blade Runner and set off for the city to rescue more replicants before Luv could kill them.[29]

She visited Wojciech at a nursing home, telling her of the replicant Blade Runner and her desire to make it fail. Wojciech advised that she leave Luv alone, as it would mean becoming involved with Niander Wallace, who fashioned himself as a prophet.[30]

After dining at a noodle bar, she unexpectedly encountered Cleo Selwyn. She reprimanded the young woman for returning to Earth, but Cleo was quick to inform her that she had come because Isobel had disappeared. The two went to Cleo's hotel room, Ash learning that in the years since their last encounter, Cleo had become a wife, mother, and schoolteacher. Ash quickly left again, leaving Cleo alone at the hotel.[30]

She met with the surviving Hythe replicant at a diner so that Hythe could entrust her with files pertaining to Alexander Selwyn's replicant research. A shot then rang out, nearly hitting Hythe. The two disabled the gunmen, who Hythe believed had followed her from Santa Barbara.[30]

Ash took the disk containing Selwyn's files to Cas and Pol. After paying them with a fish snack, she learned that the disk indeed contained research conducted by Selwyn with the assistance of former Tyrell employees. The group produced several replicant copies of Isobel and nearly managed to develop replicant fertility.[31]

Ash returned to the hotel, where Luv had confronted Isobel. Luv held them at gunpoint and demanded that they accompany her to Wallace, but Ash pointed out that Luv would fail as a Blade Runner if she killed the two human women and offered her an empty disk, claiming it actually contained Selwyn's research. Luv allowed them to stay in the hotel room as she left to authenticate. Ash revealed the bluff to Cleo and they fled the hotel, boarding a spinner. However, Luv immediately pursued them, eventually losing them at the Sea Wall. Ash and Cleo swam to Hermosa Beach, where Ash told Taki that she would be closing the Replicant Underground's railroad due to the police's attention upon her.[31]

Ash and Cleo returned to Freysa, learning that the Underground's escape routes had all become unsafe due to Luv and potential future replicant Blade Runners. Ash told Freysa what the disk contained, which Freysa recommended she destroy, feeling that nobody should have the knowledge it contained. After shaving her head, Cleo told them she suspected Isobel had traveled to San Francisco, where the original Isobel had family.[31]

Ash and Freysa debated on how they should use the replicant data. Ash argued that they should give replicants the ability to reproduce, but Freysa adamantly refused this, believing it would be obscene for them to create new replicants to achieve this. Ash failed to understand Freysa's position and left for San Francisco in a ground truck with Cleo, leaving Freysa, Sapper, and supposedly Lexi at the camp. Cleo worried that Luv would be on her way to San Francisco, but Ash doubted the Blade Runner had any contact in the city.[32]

The truck eventually got a flat tire, forcing the pair to stop. A group of raiders approached, firing upon the truck. The leader sent an underling to check the back of the truck, where he was killed by Lexi, who had been in hiding. Ash stabbed the raider leader through the neck, killing him as Lexi eliminated the last member of the group. Ash briefly scolded Lexi before a wounded Cleo weakly asked if they had gotten all of the raiders.[32]

Ash cradled Cleo inside the truck as Lexi searched for help, eventually finding a farmer called Mack who was willing to take them in. He treated Cleo's wounds and warned Ash about them traveling any further north, due to the raiders and deadly storms. When Cleo woke after surgery, she wished to continue the search for Isobel, but Ash decided to go alone, leaving Cleo with Lexi. As she went outside, she saw that the truck was partially buried in sand, but before she could ask Mack for help, she noticed he was aiming a shotgun at her. He explained that he figured out who she was and that he was a Nexus-6 she had targeted years ago, and prepared to kill her.[33]

She explained that she had changed, but he did not believe her until Lexi came out, holding her own gun to Mack's head. He noticed that Lexi was a replicant, convincing him that Ash was not lying. She informed him that she was headed to San Francisco to find Isobel, the replicant who changed her. He volunteered to go along.[10]

As they neared the city, they experienced small earthquakes, which Mack explained kept the city mostly abandoned. They found Isobel's relatives' residence and searched for her inside until Mack was shot by Rash, a replicant double of Ash, who had been waiting there with Luv.[10] Ash learned that Rash, while having Ash's appearance, had none of her memories nor her degenerative disease. Rash curiously broke Ash's finger, then her own, shortly before Isobel appeared in the Blade Runners' spinner, opening fire and crashing through the house. As Ash ran to the spinner, Mack provided covering fire, shooting Rash in the shoulder before being killed.[34]

Ash and Isobel returned to Mack's farm, rejoining Cleo and Isobel. Isobel explained her disappearance being due to Wallace tracking her to Arcadia and quietly left to lead away from Cleo. Ash suggested they find a new colony to live in, much to the disappointment of Isobel, who believed Wallace would continue to pursue her.[34]

The group used a tractor to return to Freysa, by which time Ash came to the conclusion that Wallace had to be killed.[34]

For guidance, she returned to the nursing home where Wojciech lived, but the facility's systems had no information on her. Gaff, formerly of the LAPD and a friend of Wojciech approached Ash, informing her that Wojciech had died. He further advised that in order to get close to Wallace, she should bring him what he wanted and gave her an origami frog.[35]

Ash went to a noodle bar and was soon joined by Rash, who wished to learn more about her. Ash led her to the entrance of a hideout, where Sapper Morton awaited. Rash attacked him and a fight ensued until Lexi arrived to tranquilize Rash. Isobel, Cleo, and Freysa joined Ash in interrogating Rash, who said that Luv claimed Wallace was close to achieving replicant fertility and that he believed Isobel was the missing piece. Ash demanded Rash's assistance in her mission.[35]

Having an idea to get closer to Wallace, Ash went to a club, where she approached Cal Moreaux, the LAPD's first Blade Runner.[35] The two went to a private building owned by Moreaux, who agreed to help her, as he owed her a favor.[36] He provided her with information on one of Wallace's contacts, warning that said contact was extremely dangerous.[37]

Although Ash was distrustful of Rash – who claimed to have no allegiance to Wallace – Freysa convinced her to take the replicant copy along. They found Wallace's contact, his former nursemaid Daisy. They attempted to have her arrange a meeting with Wallace under false pretenses, but she summoned her pleasure model replicant, Hanii, to attack. As Hanii strangled Rash, Ash managed to restrain Daisy with her cane, and forced the meeting to be arranged.[37]

Ash retrieved Luv and sent Rash to the meeting in her place, while she killed one of Wallace's guards and waited for him in his spinner. She took him to Tyrell's private sanctum, where he had been killed twenty years prior. Wallace offered to cure her affliction, estimating that she would be dead within a year without treatment. Ash refused and instead demanded he leave Isobel and Cleo alone, offering him Selwyn's research, as she believed he would never make an ever-growing number of replicants obedient to him.[38]

After leaving Wallace, Ash reunited with Cleo and Isobel, telling them that they would be left to their lives, and if Wallace would send anyone after them, Rash would protect them. She bid them goodbye and joined Freysa, stating that she did not regret giving Wallace the research. Ash declined to tell Freysa about the supposed cure for her condition, content to live the rest of her days with her, however many she had left.[38]

Behind the scenes[]

Ash concept

Concept art by Andres Guinaldo

Ash is the main character of the comics Blade Runner 2019, Blade Runner 2029, and Blade Runner 2039. According to the comics' co-writer Mike Johnson, Ash is of half-Japanese and half-Indian descent.[39]

The "live action" cosplay covers for Blade Runner 2029 that feature Ash's character were portrayed by actor Rei Kennex.[40]


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