Abdul Ben-Hassan is a designer of replicant snakes. He is from Egypt and has a reputation for designing replicant snakes of the highest quality. He works, like most people who design replicant animals, on Animoid Row. Very few people can afford these expensive replicant serpents. He sold one of these replicant snakes to Taffey Lewis. Zhora used it in her acts.

Deckard found a snake scale at the apartment the Replicants were living in, and initially thought it was a fish scale. However, he was corrected by a Cambodian woman when he went to Animoid Row, who told him that it was a snake scale and of a quality so high that Hassan was the likely maker. Deckard visited Hassan and after a question-and-answer between them about the snakes where Hassan was very reluctant to reveal his high-paying customers, Deckard decided to get faster results by threatening Hassan, who then quickly told him that Taffey Lewis bought the snake.

Abdul also appears in the Blade Runner game, in which he has a short interview with Ray McCoy, giving him advice on where to find different mechanical animals and complains that the LPD continues to interrogate him. He also reveals that he is afraid of Bullet Bob, an extremely aggressive and paranoid veteran of World War III who owns a large ammunition surplus shop, and suspects that he would sabotage others' stores.


It is unknown who played Hassan.

The "snake scale" when seen on the Cambodian woman's (and Hassan's) microscope is actually an extreme close-up of a marijuana bud.

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