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Al Jarry was a bit actor in pre-war films.


Among his acting jobs was a series of fifteen-minute films for an unidentified employer whom Jarry never met. In these films, he portrayed Wilbur Mercer, a supposed religious figure who became the center of Mercerism. In one of these films – which was seen in empathy boxes, which allowed followers to "fuse" with Mercer – Mercer ascended a hill, during which he was pelted by rocks. Jarry maintained that the rocks were made of plastic and Mercer's blood was actually catsup.[1]

By 1992/2021, Jarry was an alcoholic and lived in East Harmony, Indiana. At his home, he was interviewed by a research team organized by Buster Friendly to expose the true nature of Mercerism, which by then had become a major religion.[1]