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Alani Davis was an officer of the Los Angeles Police Department as of the year 2032.


In October 2032, Davis confronted a suspect, Marko, who then ran from her. After a brief foot chase, she managed to apprehend him. Soon after, she was summoned to the scene of Senator Bannister's murder. Outside the scene, she tried to stop Elle, noticing a black lotus tattoo on her shoulder before giving up to investigate the crime scene.[1]

Davis later searched for Elle, and attempted to question gang member Drove about her. Drove was resistant, however, leading to a brief skirmish. After Davis told Drove's fellow gang members to leave, he told her that Elle had attacked the gang, killing their leader. He also noted that she had been carrying a data device.[2]

Officer Davis' search later led her to Doc Badger, who provided her with no answers before entering his shop to close for the day. As he closed the door, Davis stopped it with her foot to tell him they would be in touch. She then turned and left in her spinner.[2]

After completing her paperwork for the scene of Bannister's death, Davis continued researching Elle, referring to her as "Black Lotus," and unable to find any previous records on her. This, combined with the finding that Bannister's neck had been broken prior to the fall that killed him, led her to believe Elle was a replicant. She met with Chief Earl Grant, proposing her hypothesis, to which Grant seemingly brushed off and told Davis to quit following this trail. She complied, leaving her evidence in Grant's office.[3]

Later, as Chief Grant sent the police force after Black Lotus, a concerned Davis suggested he let everyone know they were potentially after a replicant. Angrily, Grant continued to deny this possibility and told Davis to turn in her evidence on the case. As Grant searched through, he found a file on Doc Badger and although she said he was already cleared in the case, Grant sent a SWAT team to his shop. The SWAT team failed to find anything pertinent in the shop except a man named Joseph. Davis then remarked that Black Lotus was always one step ahead of them.[4]