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Alexander Selwyn was an employee of the Canaan Corporation.


After Selwyn's wife Isobel Selwyn died of cancer in 2018, his friend, Eldon Tyrell had a replicant created to be identical to her.[1] As payment, the two arranged to give the Tyrell Corporation full custody of his daughter Cleo, who possessed a rare genetic mutation which was linked to longer life expectancy.[2]

Selwyn's wife and daughter went missing in November 2019, and he requested the Los Angeles Police Department to assign one of their best Blade Runners to find them.[3]

Blade Runner Ash was given the assignment and met with Selwyn at his Santa Barbara home. He informed her that his wife, daughter, his chauffer Arkady, and his wife's spinner had last been seen at Lydia Tyrell's birthday party. He denied any significant problems in his and his wife's relationship and declines to bring public attention to the disappearance, fearing it would attract enemies.[3]

Ash later updated Selwyn on the case, informing him of a suspect known as "the Skin."[4]

He soon became dissatisfied with Ash's progress, leading to her removal from the case.[1]

Selwyn and a bodyguard later interrogated the Skin and learned of El Santuario, where Isobel and Cleo sought refuge. Accompanied by armed Tyrell personnel, Selwyn went to El Santuario, but was unable to retrieve Cleo, who escaped with Ash.[2]


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