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"All the Best Memories" is the eleventh episode of the Blade Runner: Black Lotus anime.


Joseph asks Niander Wallace, Jr. to put an end to their arrangement, to which Wallace commands him to retire Elle. After he hangs up and returns to the living room, Elle catches him staring at her sketch of Wallace and asks if she knows him. He lies, saying he does not like his face.

As the news eulogizes Wallace's father, Wallace reflects on his new freedom born from his father's death and his plans to create a perfect world and tie up his current loose ends.

As Elle examines a hard copy of the sketch, she recalls Goodman, Doctor M's assistant, and wonders if he can help her remember the man from her memory. Joseph suggests that she instead have Goodman erase her bad memories so that she can be free from them. They go to Goodman's lab, where they are told that there is no safe way for only select replicant memories to be purged, that Elle would need to erase all of her memories. She decides to go through with this and is put into Goodman's memory machine, being reassured by Joseph that he will be there when she wakes.

While the tank in which Elle is contained fills with a red gas, Joseph quietly says that Niander Wallace was the man from her memory. Also, Joseph discloses that Wallace had created Elle in order to kill her father and that he had been assigned to guide Elle to this assassination. Joseph assures Goodman that Elle's memories should be purged and then leaves.

Joseph goes to a Vid-Phon booth and calls Wallace, telling him that Elle had been retired. In return, Wallace states that arrangements for Joseph to emigrate had been completed. After hanging up, Wallace expresses his distrust of Joseph, wishing to deal with him at a later time. He assigns Water Lily to kill Elle.

Officer Alani Davis is paged by Joseph and finds a Vid-Phon booth to call him. Joseph tells her that Elle is at Goodman's lab and asks her to arrest Elle and protect her. Joseph then hangs up without telling Davis what to keep Elle safe from.

As Elle sheds a tear recalling memories with Joseph, Water Lily kills the guards outside of the lab and enters. She stabs Goodman, who manages to shut down the machine before succumbing to his wound. Water Lily slices the tank off of the machine. Meanwhile, Joseph returns to his apartment. After examining his handgun and his reflection, he calls Marlowe to talk to him about Black Lotus.

At the lab, Elle slips from the tank and dodges an attack by Water Lily. When she asks her attacker to identify herself, she receives no answer.




Motion capture[]


  • Nobuhiko Tanaka
  • Takashi Furuya
  • Momoka Takasaki
  • Momoka Yasukawa