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Film Continuity

Ambrose was a replicant who worked as a nurse for Doheny Care Facility, part of the Heidecker-Vostro health consortium.


Ambrose was manufactured as a combat model who served in the Rakenu campaign. In 2025, he deserted and escaped to Earth, where he became employed as a nurse by Heidecker-Vostro. During his time there, Ambrose earned a reputation as a "people person" and was considered one of the best nurses.[1]

After taking care of a patient, Ambrose was called to meet with Mr. Lambert, after which he was subjected to the Voight-Kampff test by Blade Runner Hendriks. Ambrose admitted he was a replicant and fought his way out of the room, escaping.[1]

He later found Aahna Ashina and Freysa Sadeghpour, with the Replicant Underground. He drew a gun, having doubts about Ash, who was a Blade Runner, but the three were then confronted by Pekka, who demanded Ambrose go with her. When Ash and Freysa refused, Pekka summoned fellow followers of Yotun and managed to escape with Ambrose.[1]

Ambrose later woke and was immediately greeted by Yotun, who wished him to become a follower.[1] An amount of Ambrose's blood was transfused to Yotun, causing Ambrose to fall into a catatonic state. Yotun reasoned that this was because Ambrose was not one of his followers, thus had not been "awakened."[2]