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Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
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Android construction

An android being constructed

Androids, colloquially referred to as andys, were synthetic beings designed for slave labor in the colonization program.

Android models included the Synthetic Freedom Fighter, McMillan's Y-4, the Grozzi Corporation's W-4[1] and C-V,[2] Sudermann's T-14, and the Rosen Association's highly-intelligent Nexus-6.[1]

Following the manufacture of the T-14, the Pavlov Institute developed the Voigt-Kampff test to distinguish androids from humans.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

For Blade Runner, the film adaptation of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, the term "android" is changed to replicant. This change was devised by director Ridley Scott to discourage preconceived ideas by audience members. Additionally, the only replicant manufacturer in the film is the Tyrell Corporation, based upon the novel's Rosen Association. The Nexus line of replicants is the only variety of replicant mentioned in the film.

In the Workprint cut of the film, "android" is listed as an obsolete term for replicants.