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Film Continuity

Arthur Charles Bannister was a California state senator from 2023 until his death in 2032.


Bannister attended the University of Southern California School of Business. He later served in the California State Assembly 38th District from 2013 until his election to the state senate in 2023. As of 2032, he resided in Westlake Village, California.[1]

In October 2032, Bannister participated in a doll hunt, in which replicants were hunted for sport. He did so in the desert alongside several companions, including Earl Grant, Josephine Grant, Hayden Hooper, and Doctor M.[2]

After meeting with Wallace Corporation founder Niander Wallace, Sr., Bannister made his way to a boxing arena, where two replicants fought. While enjoying the show from a private balcony, he noted the lateness of Hooper and was instead met by Elle, a replicant he previously hunted. She attempted to question him and he took note of a device she carried, informing her that she was a replicant. Bannister then attacked her, briefly having the upper hand until Elle managed to overpower him. In denial about being a replicant, she strangled him to death over the edge of the balcony until dropping him over the edge.[2]