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"Artificial Souls" is the twelfth episode of the Blade Runner: Black Lotus anime.


When Elle notices Water Lily's resemblance to herself; Water Lily states that she's a superior model and that she must make way for a new, obedient line of replicants by destroying the obsolete ones such as Elle. The two fight until a group of LAPD officers burst in, prompting the two replicants to escape. In an alley, Elle is met by Officer Davis, who tells Elle of her discovery of replicant bodies in the desert. Davis offers to protect her so she can help bring Niander Wallace to justice, but Elle does not trust her and flees. Meanwhile, Marlowe flies his spinner toward Joseph's apartment.

Davis goes to a Vid-Phon booth to call the acting Chief of Police and report Wallace's involvement in the Black Lotus case. However, she is impaled by Water Lily before she can relay this information. Water Lily then uses the phone to call Wallace to inform him of Elle's escape. Despite her offer to continue her pursuit, Wallace tells her not to, confident that Elle will find her own way to him. After completing the call, Water Lily turns around to find that Davis has gone, leaving behind blood.

As she runs to Joseph's apartment building, Elle recalls several memories she has of Joseph. Meanwhile, as he awaits Marlowe, Joseph remembers the night Selene was retired and reflects on his inability to escape his past as a Blade Runner.

Marlowe arrives at Joseph's apartment and asks where Elle is, knowing Joseph has developed feelings for her and is protecting her. Joseph opens fire on Marlowe and the two exchange gunfire as they slip from the apartment into the building's atrium. Joseph comments on Marlowe's apparent lack of emotion, which Marlowe states that the opposite made for a poor Blade Runner, recalling that it was he who retired Selene years ago. After Joseph is shot in the shoulder, he tries to escape into an elevator. The two fight hand-to-hand until Marlowe goes to pick up his gun, allowing Joseph to ascend to the rooftop.

On the roof, Joseph and Marlowe continue to exchange gunfire until Joseph is shot several times and falls to the ground. He drags himself to the edge of the building and as Marlowe makes his way over, he hides and manages to ambush him. The two fight until Joseph picks up Marlowe's shotgun and shoots him a few times, the final shot sending the Blade Runner through a skylight and into the building's atrium, falling to the ground floor. Exhausted, Joseph watches an Off-world colonies blimp fly by and imagines himself with Elle in a grassy field surrounded by trees, underneath a bright, cloudy sky.

Elle reaches the rooftop and awakes the wounded Joseph, who learns that she didn't receive the memory wipe, to which Elle says that she, like other people, can continue to live after a tragedy. Believing that Wallace thinks Elle is dead, Joseph advises that she leave the city. However, Elle points out that Wallace poses a constant threat to them as long as he lives, and vows to end the conflict herself. The two then look across the rooftops at the Tyrell Corporation building.




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  • Nobuhiko Tanaka
  • Takashi Furuya
  • Momoka Takasaki
  • Momoka Yasukawa