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Asa was a replicant whose consciousness was that of Lydia Kine, who had transferred it to Asa prior to her death.


Asa – whose appearance and name was that of a man Lydia would draw in her youth – rescued her brother, Marcus, from the clutches of the Tyrell Corporation and took him to Virgil to a find a friend. There, he tried to convince Marcus to trust him by going to a pierogi stand recalling memories of their mother bringing them pierogis when they were children. However, the replicant cook at the stand was beaten by his owner, then retaliated. A horrified Marcus tried to leave, believing Asa to just be a simulation of his sister. Trying to convince him, Asa reminded him of her drawings of Asa, saying that these were still at her apartment.[1]

Upon arriving at the apartment, Asa was held at gunpoint by LAPD Detective Cal Moreaux.[1] Moreaux pursued Asa onto the rooftops, onto the streets, then into a museum, with Lydia's colleague Effie Koropey now joining, needing to tell Moreaux something. However, the chase ended when Moreaux lost sight of Asa and Effie was shot by Ilora Stahl. From a fire escape, Asa overheard Stahl command Moreaux to eliminate a rogue Nexus-5 and to find Marcus. After Ilora left, Moreaux called out to Asa, allowing him to say his goodbyes to Effie. Asa rushed to her lifeless body, regretting that the form of Asa could not cry, a feature Effie suggested, but Lydia declined. Confirming that Asa was not the Nexus-5, the two decided to join forces to assist the people of the slums and to take care of the Nexus-5. The two then brought Marcus to La Plume Sauvage for his safety.[2]

Asa later assisted in retrieving the malfunctioning Nexus-4 Arnault. Asa managed to stop him just before he attacked a resident at the apartment where he was housed as a servant. As he was taken down by Asa, Arnault began repeatedly asking "why?" which continued as Asa and Moreaux took him to La Plume Sauvage. There, Asa could not figure out what was wrong with Arnault, but Divina surmised that perhaps he was having an existential crisis, though Asa doubted this, as Nexus-4s were incapable of existential thought. Arnault died within hours.[3]

Asa later spoke to Marcus, attempting to mend their relationship. However, this was to no avail and Asa spoke to Divina briefly about the situation, determining that Marcus simply did not understand.[3]

Asa later surmised that the killer replicant could not have been the Nexus-5, but rather a Nexus-4 "awakened" by the Nexus-5, much like Arnault. Acting on this hunch, Asa went to search for it, with Marcus in tow. While searching inside of an apartment, Marcus seemingly came to terms with Asa and questioned by Lydia had to die. This query went unanswered as a man burst from a nearby vent and attacked them, sending Marcus out of a window. After two police officers interrupted the scuffle, Asa and the assailant were sent out the window and separated, Asa finding Marcus safe at the bottom, inside a dumpster.[4]

Asa and Moreaux later confronted the Nexus-5 Nia Moreaux, a replicant housing the consciousness of Moreaux's sister, by Lydia's doing. Due to this, Moreaux was resistant to any strategy proposed by Asa, who was then attacked by a vengeful Nia. Asa, apparently having no memory of Lydia transferring Nia, was beaten relentlessly until a young girl witness distracted Nia, allowing Asa to gain the upper hand. Asa attempted to explain that the transference experiment would end with them, as Lydia realized the potential danger of it, and that he was trying to make it right. Fleeing the scuffle, he found his way to Moreaux, who angrily began to strangle him until he vowed to be better than Lydia.[5]

The pair agreed to go after Filip, the killer Nexus-4, who they found attacking Nia. After Moreaux tackled Filip, Asa jumped upon him, sending him through a series of balconies until eventually beheading him. Nia, spotting Asa, prepared to fight him again, but the confrontation was broken up by the arrival of Tyrell spinners, led by Stahl.[5]

As Stahl's militia proceeded to set the slums ablaze, Asa partnered up with Nia to counter-attack the militia while Moreaux and Isaac went after Stahl and the remainder of Nia's group saw to the safety of the slums' residents. Together they disabled a number of the militia, many of which were Nexus-3s. Afterward, Nia pointed out to Asa that replicants' emotions and desires – which were intended to make them find enjoyment their enslavement – gave them predisposed to rebellious thoughts.[6]

Upon learning that Divina had banished Marcus from La Plume Sauvage, due to his role in the attack, Asa accepted that this was the right thing for Divina to do. Later, Asa learned from Moreaux that Nia planned on assassinating Ilora Stahl. Moreaux asked Asa to stay with the group while he headed after his sister.[7]

Two months after Nia was retired by Moreaux, Asa and Divina had begun to assist refugee replicants. As they were running out of space for the many replicants seeking aid, Asa suggested they move into the woods where Lydia's family spent much of their time.[8]

Asa met with Moreaux, who warned that he and Divina were leaving too obvious of a trail. Further, he asked Asa to develop a Voight-Kampff test to use on potential Blade Runners, aiming to recruit ones that would eventually grow too weary of the job and would begin fighting for their targets rather than against them. He asked Asa to deliver it without directly meeting, as he would have to shoot Asa if they ever met again.[8]


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