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Film Continuity

Scramble I showed them how to scramble the records, cover their tracks.

Parts of this subject's history, such as their fate or identity as a human or replicant are determined by random generation, player action, or a combination of both. Thus, this article aims to acknowledge all of the possibilities.

Baker was a detective with the Los Angeles Police Department, but proved to be more of a mercenary and eventually turned into a hired interrogator.


In November 2019, when Blade Runner Ray McCoy attempted to perform a complete Voight-Kampff empathy test on the exotic dancer Dektora at Early Q's, she called the police on him for inappropriate behavior. This led to the arrival of Baker's lackey, Holloway, who brought McCoy to Baker.[1]

The pair proceeded to interrogate McCoy because they thought he was a replicant, but before they could torture McCoy, fellow Blade Runner Crystal Steele burst into the room and shot Baker with a shotgun after failing to heed her warnings.[1]

If Baker survived and McCoy was a replicant, Baker watched him and the replicants escape from Earth on a Moonbus.[1]


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