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Baker is an ex-detective introduced and featured in Blade Runner (video game).


Not much is known about Baker; he once worked in the LAPD as a detective, but proved to be more of a mercenary and eventually turned into a hired interrogator. There's seems to be some history between him and his lackey Holloway as well.

Events of 2019

When Blade Runner Ray McCoy attempts to perform a complete Voight-Kampff empathy test on the exotic dancer Dektora at Early Q's, she calls the police on him for inappropriate behavior. This leads to the arrival of Holloway, who claims to not know Lieutenant Guzza or Captain Harry Bryant and knocks McCoy out.

Alternatively, if Dektora is human, she will flee after a brief altercation and McCoy will be taken in by Holloway at Hysteria Hall after attempting to Voight-Kampff Lucy Devlin.

McCoy wakes up to see Baker and Holloway, who proceed to interrogate him because they think he's a replicant. Before they can torture McCoy, fellow Blade Runner Crystal Steele bursts into the room and shoots Baker with a shotgun after failing to heed her warnings. An other version of the game, when the player is replicant, Baker is still alive and whatched how McCoy and the other replicants escaped from the Earth with a Moonbus.

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