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Film Continuity

Bibi's Bar was a bar and sex club in the Bar District of Los Angeles' Fifth Sector.[1]


The bar opened by 2037 and was run by the enigmatic replicant Bibi, who was rumored to belong to Niander Wallace.[2]

Outside of the bar, Wallace food stations full of processed synthetic food could be purchased. Flanking both sides of the bar were rooms with clouded glass where people could have sex.[3]

Mariette and the doxies meeting with K outside of Bibi's

LAPD Blade Runner K, after his meeting with Luv at the Wallace Corporation to investigate the identity of a long deceased replicant, situated himself outside of Bibi's. The doxie Mariette and her compatriots, just outside of Bibi's, were tasked by Freysa Sadeghpour to find out what K knew about the replicant's child.[3]


  • In The Art and Soul of Blade Runner 2049, there is a section on BiBi's bar that explains the blatant sex inside the bar. Director Denis Villeneuve describes 2049 Los Angeles as having locations where lovers, friends, and strangers can go and have sex, explicitly stating that it is not the same as prostitution.
  • A full-scale replica of BiBi's bar was created exclusively to promote the film at San Diego Comic-Con, where guests could eat noodles and drink, view props from the film, and find out if they were a replicant. Actors dressed as civilians and LAPD officers roamed around and interacted with guests and each other, with some officers chasing down people while the guests visited the bar.[4]