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Bill Barbour was a neighbor of Rick and Iran Deckard.


Around 1989/2018, Barbour drove to Canada to acquire a Percheron mare, which he named Judy. He then personally drove the horse back to San Francisco, California to ensure her arrival.[1]

By early 1992/2021, Judy had become pregnant through the use of high-quality fertilizing plasma, which Barbour acquired through connections to the State Animal Husbandry. Barbour proudly announced such to his neighbor Rick Deckard one January morning. Deckard asked Barbour if he would consider selling his horse, a notion that Barbour considered to be immoral. Deckard offered to buy Judy's colt, reasoning that it would be a violation of Mercerism for Barbour to have two animals. However, Barbour again resisted, pointing out that Deckard already had an animal himself. Deckard then uncovered his sheep's control panel, revealing to Barbour that it was artificial, having replaced a real sheep Deckard and his wife had up until a year prior that had died of tetanus. As Deckard left for work, Barbour promised not to tell anyone about the Deckards having an electric sheep. When Barbour suggested Deckard could buy a cricket or a mouse instead, Deckard warned that Barbour's horse could easily end up dead just as his real sheep had. As Deckard left for work, Barbour apologized to him.[1]

Later, when Deckard and his wife Iran acquired a goat, Barbour congratulated them and jokingly suggested that if Rick and Iran ever had children, he could trade his colt for them.[1]

Barbour later witnessed Rachael Rosen pushing the Deckards' goat off of their roof, rushing to Iran to call the police. Despite their best efforts, the goat did not survive.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Barbour appears only in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and its comic book adaptation. He has no equivalent Blade Runner character.


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