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"Blade Bummer" is a parody comic of Blade Runner published in Crazy Magazine in 1982, written by Paul Kupperberg and drawn by Bob Camp.


The android Peon is tested with a question about when planes from Cleveland and New York will meet. However, when the tester mentions Peon's mother, Peon shoots him. Meanwhile, Blecchard is arrested by Bash at the Sushi King on orders from Captain Bryant.

Bryant orders Blecchard to hunt down a group of renegade androids, who actually hide very close to the oblivious Blecchard and Bash as they search for them. However, Blecchard grows suspicious of Bash and kills him along with a large group of people, much to Bryant's shock. Afterward, Blecchard realizes that androids are the ones with wind-up keys on their back, rather than without.

Bryant boots Blecchard to the Tryreal Corp. headquarters to find Edgar Tryreal, who lands on the ground and dies instantly right in front of Blecchard. Blecchard runs inside and climbs the stairs to the 138th floor, where he encounters the androids. He is overpowered by the androids and realizes they are bulletproof. He is rescued by Lunk, as Blecchard is the only one who knows how to feed "that blasted Wookie." Blecchard warns Lunk that one of the androids he just killed was the uncle of ME-2 YOU-2.