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Blade Runner: Black Lotus #1 is the first issue of the Blade Runner: Black Lotus comic.


"Waking up in a derelict complex somewhere in the desert east of Los Angeles, a young woman called ELLE, with no memory of her past, discovers that she and several other people have been there to be hunted for sport in a sadistic big-game safari.

Displaying incredible survival and combat skills, only Elle manages to escape the hunt, stealing an encrypted data device from one of the hunters in the process. Determined to find out who she is, Elle finds herself drawn to the nearest city: Los Angeles.

There, in the menacing megacity, Elle learns that she is in fact a prototype REPLICANT codenamed BLACK LOTUS, created by NIANDER WALLACE JR as an unwitting assassin, part of his plot to sieze
[sic] control of the WALLACE CORPORATION from his father.

Elle's quest for revenge and answers see her hunted by both the authorities and Niander Wallace. In their final showdown, Elle manages to blind Niander with her katana sword before escaping the city.

Determined to leave her violent past behind, Elle takes an old spinner bike and heads back to the desert in search of redemption and a new life, free of bloodshed and death...

In the desert east of Los Angeles, Elle rides Joseph's spinner bike until it is disabled by three scavengers. They load the spinner bike into their vehicle and prepare to kill Elle, but she attacks them, incapacitating all three of them. She soon arrives in Fracktown and finds Junkett Jones, a mechanic who agrees to fix the spinner bike's relay board.

Elle is approached by Emile Barnes, a fracking businessman who offers to buy the spinner bike. Elle refuses, though Barnes continues to insist until being interrupted by Miguel Roman and a boy who delivers a message to Barnes. After Junkett notices Elle's injuries, Miguel takes Elle with him to his wife who is a medic.

Barnes goes to the Golden Garter after learning that the club's pleasure model replicants are to be confiscated. Meeting with Wallace Corporation employee Menzes, he is told that some of the replicants have been killed, a violation of the leasing contract Barnes originally signed with the Tyrell Corporation. Barnes attempts to attack Menzes, but is stopped by his aide Tatsuo. Menzes assures Barnes that he should be unwilling to oppose Niander Wallace. Menzes then goes to his vehicle and enters a call with Ms. Tyler, an assistant to Wallace who asks for an update on Menzes' search for Elle.

Miguel shows Elle around the Inland Empire Clean Energy Co-Op, a largely self-sufficient community dependent upon wind and solar power. He takes her to his wife Nyoko's medical facility to treat her injuries. Afterward, she agrees to play with Miguel and Nyoko's daughter Kaja.

Barnes rants to his two associates about the confiscation of the replicants. He blames one of them, his cousin, for the situation and demands that he solve the problem. The man goes to the Co-Op and watches Elle and Kaja play while he prepares an attack.