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Blade Runner: Black Lotus #2 is the second issue of the Blade Runner: Black Lotus comic.


"Waking up in a derelict complex somewhere in the desert east of Los Angeles, a young woman called ELLE, with no memory of her past, discovers that she and several other people have been brought there to be hunted for sport in a sadistic big-game safari.

Displaying incredible survival and combat skills, only Elle manages to escape the hunt, stealing an encrypted data device from one of the hunters in the process. Determined to find out who she is, Elle finds herself drawn to the nearest city: Los Angeles.

There, in the menacing megacity, Elle learns that she is in fact a prototype REPLICANT codenamed BLACK LOTUS, created by NIANDER WALLACE JR as an unwitting assassin, part of his plot to sieze
[sic] control of the WALLACE CORPORATION from his father.

Elle's quest for revenge and answers see her hunted by both the authorities and Niander Wallace. In their final showdown, Elle manages to blind Niander with her katana sword before escaping the city.

Taking an old Spinner bike, Elle heads back to the desert in search of redemption and a new life, free of bloodshed and death...

Elle is bushwacked by a gang of desert bandits, and finds herself stranded in the backwater settlement of Fracktown, a town of two warring factions: one a community of environmental warriors, the other workers from a failing fracking mining site. With temperatures and tensions rising, Elle finds herself drawn into a confrontation impossible to avoid.

Elle and Kaja play with a soccer ball until Nyoko calls them to dinner. Miguel prepares to make a toast to Elle, but a drone shoots him in the shoulder. Elle throws a knife at the drone, destroying it. The attack, led by Kozlov, crescendos when Kozlov destroys a watch tower. The men begin capturing residents of the co-op. Elle comes to their aid, fighting off men as Nyoko runs to get medical supplies for Miguel. Kaja tries to follow her, ending in the mother and child being captured at gunpoint by Kozlov. Unable to rescue the hostages without risking their lives, Elle and the remaining citizens watch as the attackers leave.

Nyoko is greeted by Emile Barnes, who tells her that she and the other hostages will be put to work keeping the Golden Garter operational following the confiscation of its replicants, lest she risk the well-being of her daughter.

Elle is called to see Miguel, who sits with one of Barnes' men that the co-op managed to capture. The man reveals that they were supposed to kill both Miguel and Elle in order to eliminate any resistance against Barnes. Miguel takes Elle to his home, revealing that he knows she is a replicant, due to his past as a Blade Runner, a career he held until meeting Nyoko. Miguel gives her a katana – an heirloom from Nyoko's family – and asks her to save his family.