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Blade Runner: Black Lotus #3 is the third issue of the Blade Runner: Black Lotus comic.


"After escaping from NIANDER WALLACE JNR in Los Angeles, ELLE, aka BLACK LOTUS, had headed back to the desert, determined to leave her violent past behind her in search of redemption and a new life, free of bloodshed and death.

But when Elle is bushwhacked by a gang of desert bandits, she finds herself stranded in the backwater settlement of FRACKTOWN, a town of two warring factions, one a community of environmental warriors, the other workers from a failing fracking mining site.

Offered a safe-haven with the environmental community, Elle experiences peace for the first time in her short life. However, when BARNES, the leader of the fracking plant, has his Replicant workers withdrawn by Wallace Corp, he orders his men to attack the commune and kidnap as many of its inhabitants as possible to work as slaves at his site.

Injured in the raid, the commune's leader MIGUEL reveals to Elle that he is an ex-Blade Runner and knows she is a Replicant. Arming her with a katana sword, he asks her to help him free the captives, his wife and child among them.

Miguel calls Junkett Jones for assistance in rescuing the captured members of the Co-Op. Junkett agrees, noting that she has recently acquired some salvage that may help them. Junkett goes to the Co-Op with the salvage and Elle's repaired spinner bike. Shortly after her arrival, Miguel receives a call from Barnes, who demands that the Co-Op cease their resistance against the fracking business in exchange for Nyoko and Kaja. As Elle prepares to set out on the rescue mission, Junkett unveils PKD-9, a nano-plastic explosive that may be detonated remotely.

On the way to the Golden Garter, Elle comes across a dumping ground of dead replicants, surmising that they were killed by Kozlov. She continues on her journey and enters Barnes' facility with Dixon's keycard, incapacitating much of the security detail until she reaches the captives, giving the explosives to Nyoko. Kozlov, knowing that Dixon was imprisoned by the Co-Op, notices his keycard being used and summons a group of guards to help him confront Elle, who easily manages to defeat Kozlov's men. She rejoins Kaja and Nyoko, the three escaping on the spinner bike. Elle allows Kaja to detonate explosives planted by Nyoko as Kozlov reports the escape to Barnes.