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Blade Runner: Black Lotus #4 is the fourth issue of the Blade Runner: Black Lotus comic.


"After escaping from NIANDER WALLACE JNR in Los Angeles, ELLE, aka BLACK LOTUS, has headed back to the desert, determined to leave her violent past behind her in search of redemption and a new life, free of bloodshed and death.

But when Elle is bushwacked by a gang of desert bandits, she finds herself stranded in the backwater settlement of FRACKTOWN, a town of two warring factions, one a community of environmental warriors, the other workers from a failing fracking mining site.

Offered a safe-haven with the environmental community, Elle experiences peace for the first time in her short life. However, when BARNES, the leader of the fracking plant, has his Replicant workers withdrawn by Wallace Corp, he orders his men to attack the commune and kidnap as many of its inhabitants as possible to work as slaves at his site.

Injured in the raid, the commune's leader and ex-Blade Runner MIGUEL, armed Elle with his katana sword and asked her to infiltrate the fracking site and rescue his wife and child, Nyoko and Kaja, from Barnes.

As Elle set out to infiltrate the Fracking plant shediscovered a mass grave of Replicant workers murdered and dumped in the desert by Barnes' right hand man and cousin Kozlov. Enraged by her discovery, Elle wrecked a terrible revenge against the frackers and rigged the fracking plant with strategically placed explosive devices. Rescuing the hostages, Elle returned back to the commune, detonating the bombs as she left. In the subsequent conflagration, Kozlov was hideously disfigured and in a blind rage ordered his men to rain hell down on the environmentalist's commune and to wipe it from the face of the Earth...

Elle reunites Nyoko and Kaja with Miguel, who is informed that Barnes was killed in the explosion set by Nyoko and that the other prisoners escaped in a van. Meanwhile, the van reaches safety and the other prisoners exit and see the explosion at the fracktory. As they wonder about Nyoko's well-being, someone opens fire on the group.

Kozlov arrives at the center of Fracktown, informing the public that the wind farmers blew up the fracktory. Junkett Jones, fearing the danger of her connection to Miguel, flees town for the co-op and encounters Preston, one of the escaped prisoners, along the way. She picks up Preston, who tells her that Sancho was secretly working for Barnes and killed the others, though he managed to escape. They soon make it to the co-op and Preston is taken to the medical tent for his wounds to be treated.

As Nyoko treats his wounds, Preston confesses his love for her and that he secretly worked for Barnes in order to ensure Miguel's death and earn enough money to leave the desert for Los Angeles with Nyoko. When she rebuffs his advances, he begins to strangle her. Meanwhile, Miguel, Junkett, Dixon, and Elle discuss Kozlov turning Fracktown against the co-op until Junkett mentions Preston, who Dixon knows to be a traitor. They rush to the medical tent and Elle saves Nyoko from Preston, who is sent to the brig.

Kozlov calls Miguel, feigning an offer for a truce and the two agree to meet at the Fracktown saloon. Elle, Nyoko, and Kaja accompany Miguel, with Elle being the first to confront Kozlov, offering herself as his target for revenge. However, Miguel steps in, claiming responsibility. Elle taunts Kozlov with his past of killing pleasure models, which instigates a fight between the two. Once Elle gains the upper hand, Kozlov confesses that Barnes plotted an assassination attempt on Miguel, the attack on the co-op, the kidnappings, and his own killings of pleasure models. This turns the town against Kozlov and the frackers.

Elle bids farewell to Miguel and his family, saying that she still has answers to find in the desert. She leaves as Kaja begs her to come back. Meanwhile, Menzes views surveillance footage of Elle at the factory and informs Niander Wallace, who requests Elle's head.