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Blade Runner: Orchestral Adaptation of Music Composed for the Motion Picture by Vangelis is a 1982 album by The New American Orchestra. It features orchestral versions of music composed by Vangelis for the film Blade Runner. This was the first official release of a Blade Runner soundtrack until 1994, when the official soundtrack was released after years of delays.

The album was directed and produced by Jack Elliott, with Hank Cicalo co-producing.

In the liner notes for the 25th Anniversary edition of the official soundtrack, Ridley Scott likened the New American Orchestra album as a "soft 'muzak' imitation of Vangelis' work."

Track listing[]

No. Title
1. "Love Theme"
2. "Main Title"
3. "One More Kiss, Dear"
4. "Memories of Green"
5. "End Title"
6. "Blade Runner Blues"
7. "Farewell"
8. "End Title Reprise"