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Blade Runner 2019 is a twelve-issue comic book series by Titan Comics, written by Michael Green and Mike Johnson. The first issue was released on July 17, 2019,[1] with the final issue released on November 18, 2020.

The comic was continued in Blade Runner 2029 and Blade Runner 2039.


Blade Runner Aahna Ashina is tasked with tracking down Isobel and Cleo Selwyn, the wife and daughter of business mogul Alexander Selwyn. As she progresses deeper into her investigation, Ash discovers that Cleo possesses a genetic mutation and that Selwyn intends to give his daughter to the Tyrell Corporation. Ash turns on her client as well as her career to protect Cleo and her mother, who is actually a replicant modeled after her late mother, who was created by Tyrell in exchange for Cleo.

Finding herself in care of Cleo following Isobel's death, Ash escapes to the Off-world colonies, where they remain for several years until being discovered by Selwyn's agents. She entrusts Cleo to a another replicant of Isobel and returns to Earth, where she meets a replicant resistance group led by Freysa Sadeghpour. Together, they finally eliminate Selwyn as a threat to his daughter.


Issue Publication date
Volume One: Los Angeles
Blade Runner 2019 #1 July 17, 2019
Blade Runner 2019 #2 August 21, 2019
Blade Runner 2019 #3 September 18, 2019
Blade Runner 2019 #4 October 9, 2019
Volume Two: Off-world
Blade Runner 2019 #5 December 18, 2019
Blade Runner 2019 #6 February 19, 2020
Blade Runner 2019 #7 March 25, 2020
Blade Runner 2019 #8 August 5, 2020
Blade Runner 2019 Free Comic Book Day Special August 12, 2020
Volume Three: Home Again, Home Again
Blade Runner 2019 #9 August 26, 2020
Blade Runner 2019 #10 September 23, 2020
Blade Runner 2019 #11 October 21, 2020
Blade Runner 2019 #12 November 18, 2020

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