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Blade Runner 2019 #10 is the tenth issue of Blade Runner 2019.


"Eight years ago, BLADE RUNNER AAHNA ASHINA, 'ASH', fled to the Off-world mining colony with CLEO, the daughter of business tycoon ALEXANDER SELWYN, when she learned of Selwyn's plan to sell his own daughter to ELDON TYRELL for genetic experimentation.

Ash helped Cleo and her surrogate Replicant mother, ISOBEL, escape to the off-world colony of ARCADIA. She has now returned to LOS ANGELES to hunt down Selwyn once and for all.

With the help of her old boss, WOJCIECH, Ash visited the ruins of the TYRELL CORPORATION and discovered a deranged scientist called FOST, living and working in the ruins on a secret project designated: PROJECT ISOBEL. With Fost's help, Ash accessed the TYRELL mainframe and discovered the location of Alexander Selwyn.

Meanwhile, Selwyn, alerted to Ash's investigation, has activated a new version of the Blade Runner, HYTHE, whom Ash killed back on the waystation of Ramanuja.

Fost assists Ash in escaping the Tyrell building, but she is apprehended by police officers. After being interrogated, she is to be taken to Ventura, but instead, a Resistance group intercepts the police spinner and takes her to a farm where the group resides.