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Blade Runner 2019 #11 is the eleventh issue of Blade Runner 2019.


"Having helped CLEO – the daughter of business tycoon ALEXANDER SELWYN – and her surrogate Replicant mother, ISOBEL, escape Off-world, BLADE RUNNER AAHNA 'ASH' ASHINA has returned to LOS ANGELES to hunt Selwyn down.

Following a lead, Ash visited the ruins of the TYRELL CORPORATION. With the help of a deranged scientist called FOST, whom she found living there, she accessed the TYRELL mainframe and uncovered a list of people connected to a secret project called ISOBEL.

Believing the list would lead her to Selwyn, Ash set off in her borrowed Spinner to follow the trail. However, following a tip-off from Selwyn, a squadron of LAPD Spinners were lying in wait for Ash, and she was arrested.

Whilst transporting her to prison, the police were ambushed, and Ash was freed and taken to a deserted farmhouse by members of the Replicant Resistance...

The group's leader, Freysa, begins to repair Ash's brace so that they can gain her assistance, but the farm is discovered by the new Hythe, who had been tipped off by Pim, a member of the group. Pim apologizes to Freysa but is promptly eliminated by Hythe. Dyson then launches a counterattack, destroying a spinner that accompanied Hythe, allowing Ash, Freysa, and a boy, Ephraim, to escape in Hythe's.

Reaching a hideout in the city, Freysa repairs Ash's brace while stating her own plans to take down Selwyn, who has been illegally producing Nexus-8 replicants through his company. Ash returns to Selwyn's former home, where he awaits her with Cleo's lion – now grown – and four more Hythes.