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Blade Runner 2019 #12 is the twelfth issue of Blade Runner 2019.


"Having successfully helped CLEO and her surrogate Replicant mother ISOBEL escape Off-world, BLADE RUNNER AAHNA ASHINA, 'ASH', has returned to LOS ANGELES to hunt down business tycoon, ALEXANDER SELWYN.

While investigating a possible lead, Ash was apprehended by the LAPD, but before she could be taken into custody she was freed by members of the REPLICANT RESISTANCE who spirited her away to a remote farmhouse where she met their leader, FREYSA.

While Freysa repaired Ash's damaged backbrace, the farmhouse was attacked by Selwyn's own personal Blade Runner, HYTHE, who had tracked Ash to the farmhouse following a tipoff.

Having seen Hythe die months earlier on the Off-world way-station of RAMANUJA when Cleo and Isobel escaped, Ash realized that this Hythe must also be a REPLICANT.

A gun battle broke out, giving Freysa and Ash time to escape back to the city. There, Freysa revealed that the Replicant Resistance had tracked down Selwyn's location.

With her backbrace fully repaired, Ash set off back to Selwyn's Santa Barbara mansion, to find him waiting for her with a squad of Hythe Replicants...

A fight ensues, with Ash killing two of the Hythes and the lion before slipping out of the mansion. However, Selwyn disables Ash's spine brace with a remote. Cleo and Isobel then arrive to confront Selwyn about his intentions for seeking Cleo. Selwyn pleads that they become a family again, but Isobel snaps his neck, prompting one of the Hythes to prepare to kill her. The other Hythe – a defective one – kills this Hythe and requests the mansion and anonymity as payment.

Ash, Cleo, and Isobel return to the city, with Cleo and Isobel now planning on going to Arcadia, while Ash decides to stay on Earth in order to assist Nexus 8s.