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Blade Runner 2019 #2 is the second issue of Blade Runner 2019.


"Early in the 21st Century, the TYRELL CORPORATION advanced robot evolution to the NEXUS phase – creating artificial beings virtually identical to humans – known as REPLICANTS.

After Replicants were declared illegal on Earth, special police operatives – called BLADE RUNNERS – had orders to kill or 'RETIRE' any trespassers upon detection.

AAHNA 'ASH' ASHINA of the Los Angeles Police Department is assigned to investigate the disappearance of ISOBEL and CLEO SELWYN, the wife and daughter of business tycoon, ALEXANDER SELWYN.

Ash finds the debris of Isobel's SPINNER in a downtown slum, along with the body of Selwyn's chauffer. Before she can investigate further, Ash's cybernetic backbrace shuts down and she collapses.

Meanwhile, Isobel and Cleo, alive and alone, make their way through the rain soaked city, searching for a contact who will lead them to safety, far from Alexander Selwyn...

It is learned that Isobel Selwyn made a call to a "chop shop," which Ash investigates. A doctor practicing at the facility, "the Skin" tells her that Isobel's call concerned the rate of a birthmark consult, and said that she was going "home." Before Ash leaves, the Skin notices that she wears a brace.

Malak leads Isobel and Cleo to the Replicant Underground and introduces them to "the Lung."

Ash assigns an officer to tail the doctor, learning his address at The Carleton, where she finds Bellingham, an elderly replicant whose appearance is a result of an operation by the Skin. When she questions him about Isobel Selwyn, he states that he knows "everything" and attacks Ash. She manages to fend him off, but before he jumps out a window, he tells her to ask Selwyn "why he wants his daughter dead."

Ash speaks to Selwyn, updating him on the case, but decides to make no mention of the elderly replicant's command.

After the police find the Skin, Isobel disguises herself and Cleo. The Lung prepares them to meet "the Bones," who is to escort them out of the city.

Wojciech tells Ash of the Skin's past, including previous aliases as well as his employment at the Tyrell Corporation. Shortly afterward, Ash is attacked, resulting in her spinner being shot down.