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Blade Runner 2019 #3 is the third issue of Blade Runner 2019.


"Blade Runner AAHNA "ASH" ASHINA of the Los Angeles Police Department has been assigned to investigate the disappearance of ISOBEL and CLEO SELWYN, the wife and daughter of business tycoon ALEXANDER SELWYN.

Using data retrieved from Isobel's abandoned Spinner, Ash tracks down a REPLICANT surgically altered to look like an old man, the better to avoid detection. The Replicant escapes, warning Ash that Alexander Selwyn is not to be trusted.

Meanwhile, Isobel and Cleo make contact with an underworld community sympathetic to the plight of Replicants. They meet an ex-Tyrell engineer, known as The Lung, who promises to help them escape.

After Ash reports on the progress of her investigation, her Spinner is ambushed in the skies over the city, sending her crashing and burning towards the crowded streets below...

Ash manages to crash-land her spinner into an abandoned warehouse and crawls out of the wreckage, but it explodes, injuring her.

Isobel and Cleo are introduced to the Bones and Bellingham informs the group that they had shot Ash out of the sky. The Lung suggests that Isobel and Cleo travel south.

Thirty hours later, Ash wakes in the hospital. Wojciech informs her that the entire department is now aware of and resistant to her cybernetics and that Selwyn no longer wants Ash on the case, which has been given to Harry Bryant's division.

Although Ash resolves to forget about the case, she travels to the Tyrell headquarters, where she learns she has apparently been expected. She meets with Ms. Elo, who wishes to hire Ash to find Cleo, telling her that Isobel is a Nexus-7 replicant who was originally a gift from Eldon Tyrell to Selwyn, designed to be identical to his late wife. The Tyrell Corporation believes Isobel has kidnapped Cleo, because Cleo possesses a mutated gene that is linked to a longer life expectancy, which Isobel may use to try and extend replicant lifespans. The corporation offers to pay Ash with a permanent fix to her spinal condition, alleviating the need for her brace.

The Bones takes Isobel and Cleo across the border.

Having accepted the assignment from the Tyrell Corporation, Ash decides her next step will be finding Bellingham. During her search, she encounters Lelas, her former partner, tasing him before he can brutalize a suspect. She intimidates the suspect into telling her of a beach south of the border, where some replicants have sought refuge.

The Bones takes Isobel and Cleo to the beach, leaving them in the hands of "the Heart," who takes them by boat to El Santuario, where she is greeted by replicants.

Meanwhile, Ash flies south toward Baja, where she has determined the beach to be.