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Blade Runner 2019 #4 is the fourth issue of Blade Runner 2019.


"Blade Runner AAHNA "ASH" ASHINA of the Los Angeles Police Department has been assigned to investigate the disappearance of ISOBEL and CLEO SELWYN, the wife and daughter of business tycoon ALEXANDER SELWYN.

After reporting back to Selwyn on the progress of her investigation, Ash survived a near-fatal attempt on her life and was hospitalized, after members of the REPLICANT Underground shot down her Spinner. Subsequently, the NYPD [
sic] learned of Ash's cybernetic back-brace and promptly suspended her indefinitely from active duty.

Ash then learned that Selwyn had also demanded her removal from the case, citing disappointment with her progress. Determined to uncover the truth, Ash decided to continue investigating independently and went to the TYRELL CORPORATION in search of answers.

There, she discovered Selwyn's wife had actually died years earlier and that Isobel was in fact a Replicant gifted to him by ELDON TYRELL in an attempt to assuage his friend's grief and to protect Cleo from knowing the truth.

Accepting the offer of a new Spinner, Ash set out to track down the missing pair, whom Ash soon learned were attempting to escape the city.

Meanwhile, Isobel and Cleo have been smuggled south across the border to Mexico and taken to an island called EL SANTUARIO, which is populated entirely by Replicants.

Selwyn and a bodyguard go to the Skin to interrogate him about his contact with Isobel.

Ash arrives at El Santuario and confronts the inhabitants. Convincing her to stand down, the Replicant Underground show her correspondence between Selwyn and Tyrell indicating that the Tyrell Corporation should be given full custody of Cleo, as payment for Isobel. Isobel reveals this to be the reason she escaped to El Santuario, where Cleo shall be protected until she is old enough to look after herself.

Selwyn arrives at El Santuario with armed Tyrell personnel. A firefight ensues, with Ash managing to escape with Cleo as Isobel stays to cover them.

Ash reaches Los Angeles with Cleo, resolving to protect the girl rather than take her to the police or Tyrell. Cleo tells her that her mother had mentioned another safe place and points to the sky.