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Blade Runner 2019 #5 is the fifth issue of Blade Runner 2019.


"Early in the 21st Century, THE TYRELL CORPORATION advanced robot evolution into the NEXUS phase – a being virtually identical to a human – known as a REPLICANT.

After a bloody mutiny by a NEXUS 6 combat team in an Off-World colony, Replicants were declared illegal on Earth – under penalty of death.

Special police squads – BLADE RUNNER UNITS – had orders to shoot to kill, upon detection, any tresspassing [
sic] Replicant.

In 2019, the Blade Runner AAHNA "ASH" ASHINA rescued CLEO SELWYN, daughter of argibusiness [
sic] tycoon ALEXANDER SELWYN, from a plot to give the girl to the Tyrell Corporation for genetic experimentation.

Ash and Cleo left Los Angeles and disappeared.

In 2022,
Replicant production was banned altogether. Remaining Nexus 8 units were permitted to live out their lifespans in service to their owners in the colonies."

In 2026, on an Off-world mining colony, Ash and Cleo hide by acting as mother and son Darja and Ian Kady. with Cleo getting by as a trader known as "the Rabbit" while Ash is wheelchair-bound.

An uprising is staged by replicants. Cleo escapes with Padraic, a replicant she has recently befriended.