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Blade Runner 2019 #7 is the seventh issue of Blade Runner 2019.


"AAHNA "ASH" ASHINA, a former BLADE RUNNER from Los Angeles, is one of the only survivors of a REPLICANT attack on a remote Off-world mining colony. Ash was protecting young CLEO SELWYN, a.k.a. RABBIT, who was rescued from the slaughter by the Replicant PADRAIC. Cleo and Padraic accompany the Replicants to RAMANUJA STATION, a nexus of Off-world trade routes.

Ash is found in the colony wreckage by HYTHE, a new Blade Runner who carries a warrant for Ash's arrest for the murder of Cleo's mother ISOBEL years before.

But rather than take Ash into custody, Hythe offers to reinstate her as a Blade Runner and restores her cybernetic back brace, in return for Ash's help in tracking down Cleo.

Ash accepts.

Hythe reinstates Ash as a Blade Runner and recruits her to help find Cleo. Hythe interrogates an aquarium owner, who tells them that the Nexus-8 group sought information about eyes.

The Nexus-8 group visits an eye surgeon, who removes their eyes that contain serial numbers, although Padraic opts out. Ash and Hythe visit her a week later, asking her about their visit. She is at first resistant, but when Hythe threatens with force, she relents, telling them everything about the visit. She hints that if they find Padraic, they will find Cleo, a risk that Cleo points out to Padraic.

Ash and Hythe go to the Maze, a dangerous borough of Ramanuja, learning that the group had been there recently, but without Cleo. Pellam ambushes the Blade Runners, telling them that they will not find the rest of the group. They subdue Pellam, but he reveals no valuable information before Hythe exterminates him.

Cleo and Padraic visit the Hartawan, requesting assistance in reaching Arcadia.

Ash and Hythe meet with the latter's boss, Isobel Selwyn.