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Blade Runner 2019 #8 is the eighth issue of Blade Runner 2019.


"ASH and CLEO have become separated following a violent REPLICANT uprising onboard an OFF-WORLD colony-mining platform that saw Cleo forced to leave Ash and flee with the rebel Replicants in a stolen shuttlecraft.

Ash was rescued from the wreck of the platform by a British BLADE RUNNER called HYTHE, who reinstated Ash to the rank of Blade Runner and had her cybernetic back-brace repaired and recharged.

Together the two Blade Runners tracked the escaped Replicants to the Off-World way-station of Ramanuja, a nexus point of a hundred trade routes. Ash and Hythe were then attacked by PELLAM, leader of the rebel group, who had stayed behind to kill anyone who followed them.

Following a furious gun battle that saw the Replicant die, Hythe revealed to Ash that she was not working for the London Blade Runner division, but rather for a private individual who was revealed to be ISOBEL SELWYN.

Ash had last seen Isobel mortally wounded on Earth when she had pleaded with Ash to take her daughter, Cleo, away from her father, ALEXANDER SELWYN, and escape off-world...

Isobel explains that she escaped the firefight and has been spending the last seven years searching for Cleo.

Hartawan explains to Cleo and Padraic that it would be wise of them to change their appearances before they venture forth to Arcadia.

Ash, Hythe, and Isobel follow Cleo's trail to Ramanuja Station. Just as their leads turn cold, Ash sees an advertisement to Arcadia and believes it is Cleo's destination. As she examines the crowd preparing to board the transport to Arcadia, Ash is held at gunpoint by Hythe, revealing that she had been deceived – the Isobel she knew had actually died, and this was another, created to trick Ash into leading them to Cleo.

Padraic emerges from the crowd, tackling Hythe and throwing her gun away. Cleo goes to Isobel, unaware of the deception as Hythe draws her sidearm, killing Padraic. As Hythe harshly criticizes Ash's support for the replicants, Isobel shoots her and reveals that she is sympathetic to Ash, as she possesses the previous Isobel's memories. Thus, Ash leaves Cleo in Isobel's care so that they can reach Arcadia, while she returns to Earth.