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Blade Runner 2019 #9 is the ninth issue of Blade Runner 2019.


"Following a Replicant mutiny on an Off-world mining colony, ASH and CLEO became separated. Cleo fled with the renegade Replicants, while Ash, believed dead, was taken into custody by HYTHE, a corporate Blade Runner, and forcibly recruited to track down her surrogate daughter.

Following the renegades' trail, Hythe and Ash travelled to the way station of Ramanuja where they encountered the Replicant ISOBEL, whom Ash believed had died back on Earth when she and Cleo first escaped. Together the three women searched for Cleo among passengers preparing to embark to the Off-world colony of ARCADIA.

Ash spotted Cleo and her Replicant friend PADRIC, [
sic] but before she could act, Hythe double-crossed her, triggering a furious gun battle that left both Padric [sic] and Hythe dead. Cleo and Isobel were at long reunited and set off to Arcadia while Ash returned back to Earth..."

Seeking information on the whereabouts of Alexander Selwyn, Ash visits Wojciech, who is now retired from the LAPD. Wojciech, however, informs her that Selwyn has "gone hermit" and that Ash must rely on her own knowledge of Los Angeles to find her way to him.

Ash's search leads her to the remains of the Tyrell Corporation headquarters, where she is ambushed by a group of squatters. She escapes, finding refuge with Fost, a Tyrell scientist who was part of the project that created the Isobel Selwyn replicant and apparently still believes the company is operational. Ash convinces him that she is also part of the project and needs to deliver data on the Isobel project to Selwyn.

Meanwhile, Selwyn informs another Hythe that Ash is on his trail and assigns her to hunt Ash down.