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The Blade Runner 2029/Blade Runner Origins Free Comic Book Day Special is a special issue of Blade Runner 2029 and Blade Runner Origins.


Blade Runner Origins[]

"Early in the 21st Century, THE TYRELL CORPORATION advanced Robot evolution into the NEXUS phase – a being virtually identical to a human – known as a REPLICANT.

Superior in strength and agility, the Replicants were created to be used as Off-world slave labor or in the hazardous, high-collateral combat situations or colonization of other planets.

On Earth, the Nexus 4 Replicants have been adapted for societal elites to own for industry and service work. But Tyrell continues to experiment with further enhancements. Because progress stops for no man.

After the apparent suicide of Tyrell Corporation bioengineer DR. LYDIA KINE was determined to be a murder committed by a Replicant, LAPD DETECTIVE CAL MOREAUX was tasked with tracking the presumed killer: a NEXUS 5 prototype.

Moreaux reaches a break-in scene at a laundromat to retrieve a statement from the owner, Ms. Setter. She states that she heard the lone perpetrator break through the front window and went to investigate. This startled the intruder, who fled to the back room. Moreaux investigates the back, finding a replicant woman who chants, "To know is to know! Load of our shackles... weightless hope... flight of freedom... to know is to know..." before apparently dying.

Blade Runner 2029[]

"Early in the 21st Century, Replicants were used Off-world as slave labor. Those who escaped to Earth were hunted by BLADE RUNNER UNITS ordered to kill any trespassing Replicant upon detection.

In 2022, a Replicant attack on the Tyrell Corporation forced the company into bankruptcy and erased all records of existing Replicants. The surviving NEXUS-8 models disappeared with the help of the REPLICANT UNDERGROUND. Many Replicants remained in servitude.

In 2027, AAHNA "ASH" ASHINA, a former Blade Runner, rejoined the LAPD BLADE RUNNER department to hunt down fugitive Replicants. Her superiors are unaware that her loyalties are divided.

Ash responds to a call, finding a replicant man in a statue workshop, where freshly dismembered body parts also lay. Knowing Ash was sympathetic to replicants, he asks for her to spare him, but she remarks that she does not rescue killer replicants such as him. He attacks her, so she retires him. As she leaves, Ms. Setter asks Ash if the replicant was retired, recalling that she once had a replicant, adding that she always thought they were a bad idea.