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Blade Runner 2029 is a comic book series. The sequel to Blade Runner 2019, the series launched on on December 16, 2020.[1]

Plot[edit | edit source]

In 2029, Aahna "Ash" Ashina has returned to her career as a Blade Runner, but instead of retiring replicants, she secretly helps them escape. After the Los Angeles Police Department receives an anonymous tip about replicants working on construction of the Sepulveda Sea Wall, Ash is assigned to investigate.

Ash reaches the construction site and sees a replicant, who immediately runs from her. When she catches up to him, the replicant says "Yotun redeems" before jumping to his death. Sensing a familiarity in the name Yotun, Ash conducts research, finding records of a replicant who managed to overpower her and escape in 2017.

Ducasse, a replicant who works as a servant, poisons the couple he works for, taking one of the man's eyes, which is to be used as a key for "redemption."

Ash examines the body of the replicant she chased, but her colleague Pearl suspects he was human, due to the lack of a serial number in his eye. Ash's leads in the case lead her nowhere and she makes her way to The Diamant, a secret club for replicants. There, she asks the bartender if she knows anything about the name Yotun, which piques the interest of a woman sitting at the bar. The woman leaves and Ash follows her.

Ash tracks the woman down to a cab, but the woman throws one of the doors off at Ash, allowing her to slip away. Freysa, not far behind, comes to Ash's aid and notices that the woman dropped her purse. An address inside the purse leads Ash and Freysa to a high-rise. Inside, they find a multitude of glass tanks containing replicants.

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