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Blade Runner 2029 #10 is the tenth issue of Blade Runner 2029.


"Early in the 21st Century, THE TYRELL CORPORATION advanced Robot evolution into the NEXUS phase – a being virtually identical to a human – known as a REPLICANT.

Replicants were used Off-world as slave labor. Those who escaped to Earth were hunted by BLADE RUNNER UNITS ordered to kill any trespassing Replicant upon detection.

In 2022, a Replicant attack on the Tyrell Corporation forced the company into bankruptcy and erased all records of existing Replicants. The surviving Nexus 8 models disappeared with the help of the REPLICANT UNDERGROUND. Many Replicants remained in servitude.

In 2027, AAHNA "ASH" ASHINA, a former Blade Runner, rejoined the department to hunt down fugitive Replicants. Her superiors are unaware that her loyalties are divided. Her lover, FREYSA, is a leader in the Replicant Underground.

While investigating a report of a rogue Replicant, Ash discovered that a Nexus 6 Replicant, YOTUN, whom she had failed to retire 12 years previously, had somehow outlived his expiration date and had become the leader of a Replicant guerrilla army.

After capturing Ash, Yotun ordered his army to launch an all-out terrorist attack upon Los Angeles, destroying the newly constructed seawall, killing the city’s political and corporate elite, and ordering all Replicants in the city to revolt against their masters, before taking over the LAPD Tower and setting it ablaze. Freysa seemingly joined Yotun's crusade in an effort to stop him, however, he blinded her in one eye and left her to die when he discovered her subterfuge. Escaping from Yotun's clutches, Ash raced to rescue her lover from the burning building.

Now reunited, Ash and Freysa have set off to find Yotun and bring him down.

Meanwhile, Yotun, having incredibly outlived his initial inception date, has started to succumb to the ravages of time and is using the blood of his loyal supporters to stave off his impending demise...

Yotun extracts blood from Ambrose, who is left in a catatonic state. Yotun reasons that this is because Ambrose was not one of his followers, thus had not been "awakened" like those who have given blood to him willingly.

Meanwhile, Ash responds to a call about a vault being broken into. Heading inside, she finds Pekka hiding in a clock tower, but before she can gain any useful information from her, Marlowe shows up and retires Pekka. The two Blade Runners spot someone else in the tower and Ash gives chase, but does not manage to catch them. Despite Marlowe stating that Esper is concerned for her, Ash insists she continue alone, though Marlowe follows her. Ash returns home to Freysa, telling her about the situation, noting that the vault belonged to Alice Leopold. Unsure why Yotun's people would break into the seemingly-innocuous vault, Ash leaves to find more information on Leopold.

Kalia brings a diary found in the vault to Yotun, who has a memory of writing in this diary as a child. He reveals that this diary had been entrusted to Alice Leopold by her elder brother, Eldon Tyrell.