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Blade Runner 2029 #3 is the third issue of Blade Runner 2029.


"Early in the 21st century, THE TYRELL CORPORATION advanced Robot evolution into the NEXUS phase – a being virtually identical to a human – known as a Replicant.

Replicants were used Off-world as slave labor. Those who escaped to Earth were hunted by BLADE RUNNER UNITS, ordered to kill any trespassing Replicant upon detection.

In 2022, a Replicant attack on the Tyrell Corporation destroyed all records of existing Replicants and forced the company into bankruptcy. The surviving Nexus 8 models disappeared with the help of the REPLICANT UNDERGROUND. Many Replicants remained in servitude.

In 2027, AAHNA "ASH" ASHINA, a former Blade Runner, rejoins the LAPD to once again hunt down fugitive Replicants. Her superiors are unaware that her loyalties are divided. Her lover, FREYSA, is a leader in the Replicant underground.

Ash's activities have brought her to the attention of YOTUN, a rogue Nexus 6 that she failed to capture 12 years ago. Somehow this dangerous radical Replicant had lived far past his inception date.

Yotun and Kalia observe tanks containing replicants, reflecting upon Eldon Tyrell's flawed legacy, noting that while Tyrell profited from creating life, Yotun restores life to redeem it. Yotun grows weary, so Kalia suggests a rejuvenation.

Ash returns to the LAPD precinct, where she learns about the death of Ruskin, a Blade Runner. Ruskin, who was in the middle of an investigation into the murder of Hyman Bask, was found dead in his apartment with his spine torn out by hand. Believing Ruskin's murder to have the same perpetrator as Bask's, Ash's captain puts her on the Bask case. She begins this investigation at Ruskin's house, finding his files on the case, learning of the missing servant Ducasse.

At a ceremony, Yotun requests a sacrifice of life by one of his followers, in order to further extend his own. Yotun readily provides Yotun with some of his own life. Afterward, Lelia approaches Yotun to tell him that she has found Ash. Yotun asks her to find Ash again.

Returning home, Ash finds Lelia waiting for her. Lelia asks Ash to accompany her to Yotun, but Ash refuses, instead asking for Yotun's location. Due to Ash's refusal, Lelia attacks her, knocking her out and taking her outside to a spinner, taking off just as Freysa is arriving home.

Yotun and his entourage go to an airship where a party attended by Los Angeles' elite takes place. Incapacitating the front security, the group gains entry by using Bask's eyeball.