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Blade Runner 2039 #10 is the tenth issue of Blade Runner 2039.


As Ash approaches Cal Moreaux with the desire for information, Luv tracks her AWOL partner Rash to downtown Los Angeles. She learns from a young boy who had seen Rash and Sapper Morton fight that she was defeated and taken away. Luv determines the hideout to be outside of the city. At the hideout, Isobel feeds the tied-up Rash, who learns that Isobel had returned to Earth as she felt it was the last place she would be searched for.

At a private building owned by Moreaux, Ash asks him for assistance in getting to Niander Wallace, due to his connections with companies that work with the Wallace Corporation. He warns her that Wallace rarely leaves the corporation's headquarters. Because Moreaux owes Ash a favor, he agrees to put himself at risk in order to help her.

At the hideout, Rash breaks free from her restraints and holds Isobel hostage. She implores the group to let her join them, as she has no loyalty to Wallace and would prefer to be free like them. Just then, Luv arrives and orders Rash to place Isobel in her spinner. Rash refuses, instead attacking Luv and knocking her out. She again asks if she can join the group.