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Blade Runner 2039 #11 is the eleventh issue of Blade Runner 2039.


Cal Moreaux gives Ash directions to one of Wallace's contacts, who supplies materials for him. He warns her that this contact is considerably dangerous.

Meanwhile, a captain of the Los Angeles Police Department contacts Wallace to inform him that the LAPD would be suspending Luv from duty and performing an assessment of the replicant Blade Runner program. Wallace suggests the police lack the ability to assess his creation and would discuss the matter with Luv.

Ash refuses to trust Rash, concerned that she will turn on them as soon as they reach Wallace. However, Freysa is willing to give Rash a chance and – as Ash's physical ailment worsens – urges her to take her replicant double with her. Ash and Rash soon reach Wallace's contact, Daisy, his boyhood nursemaid who now provides him with organic matter. They urge her to set up a meeting with him under false pretenses so they can reach him. She instead decides to sic her pleasure model Hanii on them. He attacks Rash until Ash restrains Daisy with her cane, prepared to kill her.

Freysa speaks with the captive Luv, trying to learn why she is so loyal to Wallace. She believes it is because Luv is on love with her creator, an assertion that Luv denies. Luv is then brought to the meeting that was set up with Wallace, who expected to see Ash, based upon the tone of Daisy's voice when she set it up. Wallace revels that he researched Ash's records and her affliction, which he claims he can cure for her.