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Blade Runner 2039 #12 is the twelfth and final issue of Blade Runner 2039.


Rash, disguised as Ash, declines Wallace's offer to cure Ash's condition. She fends off his security detail as the real Ash awaits Wallace in his spinner. She takes him to Eldon Tyrell's private sanctum, where he had been murdered twenty years prior, now standing as a monument to Tyrell's hubris. Wallace makes his offer to Ash herself, but she refuses, instead providing him with Selwyn's research in exchange for leaving Cleo and Isobel alone. She hopes that he is successful in allowing replicants to reproduce, and that he would never perfect obedience.

Ash reunites with Cleo and Isobel to bid them farewell, as they plan to return to the colonies, with Rash accompanying them as protection. Ash then joins Freysa, remarking that Wallace is unaware of the future he is set to create. Ash neglects to tell Freysa about the supposed cure and her limited time left, which she is content to spend with Freysa.