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Blade Runner 2039 #3 is the third issue of Blade Runner 2039.


"REPLICANTS are bioengineered humans, once designed by the TYRELL CORPORATION for use Off-world. After a series of violent rebellions, their manufacture was prohibited, and Tyrell Corp. went bankrupt.

NIANDER WALLACE acquired the remains of Tyrell Corp. and created a new line of Replicants who obey.

A Replicant underground survives, led by the former combat model FREYSA and her human partner AAHNA ASHINA, known as ASH, formerly a BLADE RUNNER.

Twenty years ago, in 2019, Ash spared the Replicant ISOBEL SELWYN, a doppleganger of the wife of industrialist ALEXANDER SELWYN. Together with Alexander's human daughter CLEO, Isobel escaped to the off-world colonies.

Now Isobel has gone missing, rumored to be back on Earth.

Meanwhile, Wallace is hunting for the late Alexander Selwyn's research unto Replicant physiology and has sent his creation LUV, the first Replicant Blade Runner, to search Selwyn's old estatem now occupied by the Replicant called HYTHE. Hythe ambushes Luv and defeats her.

Unbeknownst to Ash, Cleo returned to Earth, looking for Isobel...

Men working for the Wallace Corporation retrieve the injured Luv from Hythe's home. In their spinner, Luv enters a call with Wallace, who is proud of her work, feeling that Hythe's attack had proven that she was harboring the information Wallace seeks. Hythe tells Clarence that she is indeed in possession of the most important of Selwyn's records and plans to go into the city to ensure the data's safety.

Ash visits her former captain Lydia Wojciech at a nursing home and tells her of the replicant Blade Runner. Wojciech suggests she leave Luv alone, advising she avoid Niander Wallace, as he saw himself as a prophet. She leaves and goes to a noodle bar. Shortly after, Cleo finds her and tells her of Isobel's disappearance.

At the precinct, Luv is advised by a superior to increase her efficiency, which she says she will do.

Ash and Cleo return to Cleo's hotel room, where she is booked under the name Ms. Calhoun. Ash tells Cleo to stay while she heads back into the city. She meets with Hythe, who entrusts her with Selwyn's research. A shot rings out, barely missing Hythe. The pair disable the gunmen, Hythe believing she was followed from Santa Barbara.

Meanwhile, Luv rings Cleo's room, gun drawn, saying that she has questions for her.