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Blade Runner 2039 #4 is the fourth issue of Blade Runner 2039.


"REPLICANTS are bioengineered humans, once designed by TYRELL CORPORATION for use Off-world. After a series of violent rebellions, their manufacture was prohibited, and Tyrell Corp went bankrupt.

NIANDER WALLACE acquired the remains of Tyrell Corp and created a new line of Replicants who obey.

A Replicant underground survives, led by the former combat model FREYSA and her human partner AAHNA ASHINA, known as ASH, formerly a BLADE RUNNER.

Twenty years ago, in 2019, Ash spared the Replicant ISOBEL SELWYN, a doppleganger of the wife of industrialist ALEXANDER SELWYN. Together with Alexander's human daughter CLEO, Isobel escaped to the Off-world colonies.

Now Isobel has gone missing, rumored to be back on Earth.

Niander Wallace is hunting for the late Alexander Selwyn's research into Replicant physiology and has sent his creation LUV, the first Replicant Blade Runner, to search Selwyn's old estate, now occupied by the Replicant called HYTHE.

Hythe defeats Luv and heads off to the city to warn Ash of Luv's investigation, armed with a disk downloaded from Selwyn's computer.

Cleo is reunited with Ash who tells her of Isobel's mysterious disappearance and to warn her that she feels 'something terrible happened.'

Ash, realizing that Cleo is in danger, heads off to meet with Hythe, however a kill squad sent by Luv attacks them and they narrowly escape with their lives.

Meanwhile, Luv has tracked down Cleo...

Ash goes to the "twins," Cas and Pol, who have decrypted Selwyn's disk for her. After she pays them with a fish snack, they tell her that the disk contained Selwyn's research with ex-Tyrell personnel. The research involved making multiple Isobels and nearly produced replicant fertility.

Luv confronts Cleo, having tracked her down through her alias Ms. Calhoun, as Calhoun had been Isobel's maiden name. She tries to convince her leave with her, but Ash interrupts. Luv commands them to go with her to Wallace, holding them at gunpoint, but Ash points out that Luv would not wish to kill the two human women, as Blade Runners were not supposed to kill humans; doing so would be seen as a failure for the replicant Blade Runner experiment. Ash offers a disk instead, telling Luv it contains the research Wallace is after. Ash says she and Cleo will remain in the hotel room as Luv authenticates the disk. After Luv leaves, Ash reveals to Cleo that the disk she handed over was empty and they escape from the hotel. They board a spinner, but Luv immediately pursues them, eventually losing them at the Sepulveda Sea Wall. Surfacing at Hermosa Beach, Ash tells Taki that she is closing the Replicant Underground's "railroad" temporarily due to law enforcement's attention upon her.

Sapper Morton tells Lexi about the conditions Off-world. Ash arrives with Cleo, learning that Sapper and Lexi's escape routes found by Freysa were now impossible. Freysa tells Ash this is due to Luv's investigation and that more replicant Blade Runners will come. She recommends that Ash destroy Selwyn's research, believing that no one should have such knowledge. Cleo shaves her head and tells Ash and Freysa that she suspects that Isobel went to San Francisco, where the original Isobel had family.

Disappointed with Luv's failure to obtain Selwyn's research and apprehend Ash and Cleo, Wallace provides a partner to Luv, in the form of a replicant copy of Ash.