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Blade Runner 2039 #5 is the fifth issue of Blade Runner 2039.


"REPLICANTS are bioengineered humans, once designed by the TYRELL CORPORATION for use Off-world. After a series of violent rebellions, their manufacture was prohibited and Tyrell Corp went bankrupt.

NIANCER WALLACE acquired the remains of Tyrell Corp and created a new line of Replicants who obey.

A Replicant underground survives, led by the former combat model FREYSA and her human partner AAHNA ASHINA, known as ASH, formerly a BLADE RUNNER.

Twenty years ago, in 2019, Ash spared the Replicant ISOBEL SELWYN, a Replicant replica of industrialist ALEXANDER SELWYN's wife. Together with Alexander's human daughter CLEO, Isobel escaped to the Off-world colonies.

Now Isobel has gone missing, rumored to be back on Earth and Cleo has returned to find her.

Searching for the late Alexander Selwyn's research into Replicant physiology, Niander Wallace has sent his creation LUV, the first Replicant Blade Runner, to hunt down both Cleo and Isobel. Believing that Isobel holds the secret to Replicant fertility, Wallace has ordered Luv to capture the girl at any cost and to kill anyone who comes into contact with her.

Meanwhile, Ash has been given a computer disc by Alexander's former Replicant bodyguard HYTHE, which Ash discovers contains the information Wallace is looking for.

Cleo sought out Ash, however Luv tracked them both down before Ash could help her and Isobel. Ash gave Luv a blank disc claiming it was what Wallace was after before escaping in a Spinner and heading off to join Freysa.

Thwarted, Luv returned to Wallace who introduced her to a new Replicant created from Ash's DNA, codenamed RASH.

In 2038, speaking to high-ranking Los Angeles Police Department officials, Niander Wallace recalls the Nexus-6, 7, and 8 models of replicants, which he refers to as fallen creations of an imperfect creator. He presents the obedient Nexus-9 Luv to them as a gift. He asks them to use her as a test to implement replicant Blade Runners.

In 2039, Wallace presents Rash to Luv, demonstrating that she is completely obedient, following any command except killing a human. He sends the two away, demanding they bring him Isobel Selwyn along with Alexander Selwyn's replicant physiology research.

Ash and Freysa Sadeghpour argue over what they should do with the research data. Ash suggests they use it – which holds the secret to replicant reproduction – for themselves, but Freysa feels that such a concept is obscene, as they would have to build new replicants themselves with these capabilities. The argument abruptly ends when Cleo approaches Ash about them leaving for San Francisco. They leave in a truck, leaving Freysa, Sapper, and supposedly Lexi at the camp. Cleo worries that Luv might be on her way to San Francisco and that Isobel might not be there.

One of the tires on the truck is blown and Ash looks for a nearby town. However, a group of raiders fire upon the truck and approach the women. The leader orders his underling Francis to check the back of the truck. Lexi, having hidden in the back, shoots Francis through the head and a brief firefight breaks out, with all of the raiders being killed. As Ash scolds Lexi, a wounded Cleo weakly calls and reaches out for her.