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Blade Runner 2039 #6 is the sixth issue of Blade Runner 2039.


Inside the pickup truck, Ash cradles the wounded Cleo until Lexi returns, saying that she had found someone willing to help them.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Luv and Rash go to Redondo Beach, asking around if anyone knew anything about Ash and Cleo. Rash bribes a girl, who points them to Taki, who is tending to a bird. When they question him, he lies by saying he believed Ash and Cleo went to Mexico. Rash knows he is lying, but lets it go, suggesting they find Isobel instead of pursuing Ash and Cleo.

A farmer takes in Ash, Cleo, and Lexi and tends to Cleo's wounds. He warns them of the dangers of continuing to head north, particularly of raiders and storms.

In the Hollywood Hills, Luv and Rash visit Hollis, who worked for Alexander Selwyn for seven years. He does not provide them with any useful information about Isobel or Selwyn's desires to achieve reproduction in replicants. They are interrupted by Hythe, who had been lying in wait, knowing that they would be targeting scientists who had worked for Selwyn. She holds the Blade Runners at gunpoint, telling them she plans to eliminate Wallace as a threat toward her.

Cleo wakes, wishing to resume searching for Isobel. However, as Cleo is in no condition to go anywhere, Ash says she will find Isobel herself and leave Cleo with Lexi.

Hythe demands information from Luv and Rash, but the Blade Runners attack her, a brief fight breaking out until Rash manages to fatally fire a bullet into Hythe's chest, her first retirement. She gives Hollis a moment before they resume questioning him.

Ash heads out of the farmhouse to set out for San Francisco, but she quickly realizes the farmer is holding her at gunpoint. He reveals that he has figured out who she is and tells her that he is a Nexus-6 she targeted years ago.