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Blade Runner 2039 #7 is the seventh issue of Blade Runner 2039.


In 2018, Aahna Ashina pursues the Nexus-6 known as Mack. She confronts him upon a rooftop and shoots him, sending him falling onto the street. She informs some local children about him so they can salvage parts from him. However, Mack is still alive and attacks them until he realizes they are children, prompting him to flee.

Back in 2039, Mack holds Ash at gunpoint, suspecting she is there to finish the job. She tells him that she has changed. Lexi sneaks up behind Mack, aiming her own gun at him. Noticing that Lexi is a replicant, Mack is convinced that Ash has indeed changed. Ash tells him she is headed to San Francisco in search of Isobel Selwyn, the replicant who changed her.

Mack volunteers to accompany Ash to San Francisco and explains how he found himself on the farm. As they drive closer to San Francisco, they experience a small earthquake, a common occurrence in the area, which has left it mostly deserted. In the city, they travel to Isobel's relatives' residence and search for her. Mack is shot by Rash, who has been waiting for Ash alongside Luv.