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Blade Runner 2039 #8 is the eighth issue of Blade Runner 2039.


As Mack lays injured, Ash confronts Luv and Rash, quickly recognizing the latter as a replicant copy of herself, but having an unafflicted body and none of her memories. The two Blade Runners demand to know where Isobel is, but Ash does not know and asks that they let her and Mack go. Rash breaks one of Ash's fingers, then her own out of curiosity.

Isobel hijacks Luv and Rash's spinner, opening fire on the Blade Runners before crashing it into the house. As Ash runs to the spinner, Mack provides covering fire, shooting Rash in the shoulder before being shot dead himself. Luv grips onto the spinner as it begins to fly away, but soon falls into the ocean below.

Ash and Isobel go to Mack's farm, reuniting with Cleo and Lexi. Isobel explains her disappearance in that those working for Niander Wallace had tracked her to Arcadia, so quietly led them away from Cleo. Ash recommends they find a new colony for Cleo and Isobel to continue their lives, much to the disappointment of Isobel, who feels that Wallace would continue to pursue them.

Luv and Rash return to Wallace, who assures them that their failure to capture Isobel is insignificant, believing that she would now come to them.

Ash, Isobel, Cleo, and Lexi use a tractor to return to Freysa. Ash reaches the conclusion that the only way for Isobel and Cleo to be safe is to kill Wallace. She plans to return to Los Angeles to make preparations. Meanwhile, Wallace remotely listens in on this conversation.