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Blade Runner 2039 #9 is the ninth issue of Blade Runner 2039.


Ash goes to the retirement home to consult Wojciech for guidance. However, a hologram does not find her in the facility's system. Gaff approaches Ash, informing her that Wojciech has died. He advises that in order to get close enough to kill Wallace, she should bring him what he wants. He gives her an origami frog when she leaves.

While Ash dines at a noodle bar, Rash joins her, claiming she wants to learn more about her. Distrustful, Ash leads Rash to a hideout, where Sapper Morton awaits. Rash attacks him and he reluctantly fights back until Lexi tranquilizes Rash. She is interrogated by Ash, Freysa, Isobel, and Cleo and she reveals that Luv claims Wallace is close to achieving replicant fertility and that he believes Isobel is the missing piece. Ash commands Rash's help in reaching Wallace.

The Los Angeles Police Department grow exceedingly unimpressed by Luv's performance and her contract is placed under review by the city and she is only to take orders from the LAPD for the time being. After lashing out in response to an officer's taunt, she is dismissed for the day. She returns to the Wallace Corporation headquarters and is ordered to find Rash.

Ash, having an idea to more easily reach Wallace, goes to a club and finds the LAPD's inaugural Blade Runner, Cal Moreaux.