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Blade Runner Origins #10 is the tenth issue of Blade Runner Origins.


"Early in the 21st Century, THE TYRELL CORPORATION advanced Robot evolution into the NEXUS phase – a being virtually identical to a human – known as a REPLICANT. Replicants were used Off-world as slave labor, in the hazardous exploration and colonization of other planets. On Earth, Tyrell continued to experiment with further enhancements – because progress stops for no man.

LAPD Detective CAL MOREAUX has discovered that the suicide of DR. LYDIA KINE was actually an elaborate ruse constructed by the Tyrell Corp engineer so she could live freely as a Replicant named ASA. Dr. Kine's latest experiment – the escaped NEXUS 5 prototype – initially received the blame for her death, however Cal has discovered the truth – the identity of the Nexus 5's host consciousness: his sister, NIA MOREAUX.

More existentially advanced that the others, Nia has been "awakening" some Replicants in the slums of Los Angeles, causing them to leave their positions of servitude in pursuit of autonomy. Tyrell Corp executive, ILORA STAHL has been charged with the Nexus 5's capture, and she will stop at nothing to protect her job and the company's brand in spite of growing chaos.

In desperation, Ilora launched an all-out attack against the SECTOR-6B slums. Cal, Asa, and Nia raced to save the residents and together with Desiree, Marcus, and the survivors of Nia's "awakened" Replicant followers sought refuge with Divina in the safe haven of La Plume Sauvage, only to find it too had been destroyed by Ilora's henchmen.

Nia realized what she has to do to put a stop to all of this...

In 2008, 5th grade teacher Nia Moreaux is put in charge of three Nexus-4 replicants that are to be trained for such a career, in order to replace human teachers. Disapproving of the program, she reprimands Isaac for his belief that he knows how to do the job, which she believes requires humanity. Outside, she encounters Tyrell representative Ilora Stahl and erupted in anger and frustration at the corporation's interference in the school.

Stahl returns to the corporation, noting to Lydia Kine and Effie Koropey that Nia would make a poor candidate for a burgeoning project. Lydia attempts to get Effie to agree to help convince Nia – as both of them grew up in the slums – but Effie refuses.

Two weeks later, Nia works in her classroom rather than attend a lunch with her fellow human teachers. Isaac finds her and gives her a decorative apple, knowing that historically, a student would offer a teacher an apple as a symbol of knowledge. Nia appreciates the gesture and curiously asks him how he is different from other replicants. He cannot provide an answer, but he does point out that after she asked him how to handle an emotionally-distressed student, he read a thesis paper she had written on empathic pedagogy. Nia asks him to have lunch with her, but before they can discuss further, the two are caught in an explosion, which severely injures Nia.

Stahl's assistant Osha informs Stahl of this event, to which Stahl asks that Nia's ambulance be intercepted. The company takes Nia to Dr. Kine's lab, where Nia's consciousness is transferred to a Nexus-5 replicant.

In 2009, Cal Moreaux, Nia, and Asa arrive at La Plume Sauvage with Isaac's remains. Faced with the group's losses, Nia offers the Latin phrase "ego colligunt," meaning "I will collect." Moreaux and Desiree go outside to stand guard and the two talk about Nia and their own shared pasts until Nia summons Cal.

Anticipating another attack, Nia proposes that the group assassinate Ilora Stahl, an idea that Moreaux openly disagrees with, believing that such an act would make every replicant a target. However, this falls on Nia's deaf ears, bringing Desiree along with her to the Tyrell headquarters. Cal asks Asa to stay with the rest of the group while he goes after Nia.

Stahl is summoned to a meeting with Eldon Tyrell, who holds her responsible for the perceived destruction caused by the "awakened" replicants. He orders her to repair the damage and to figure out a way to prevent it from happening again in future replicants.