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Blade Runner Origins #4 is the fourth issue of Blade Runner Origins.


"Early in the 21st Century, THE TYRELL CORPORATION advanced Robot evolution into the NEXUS phase – a being virtually identical to a human – known as a REPLICANT. Replicants were used Off-world as slave labor, in the hazardous exploration and colonization of other planets.

Now, on earth, the NEXUS 4 Replicants have been adapted for societal elites to own for industry and service work. But, Tyrell continues to experiment with further enhancements. Because progress stops for no man.

After the apparent suicide of DR. LYDIA KINE, a Tyrell Corporation bioengineer, was determined to be a murder committed by a Replicant, LAPD DETECTIVE CAL MOREAUX is tracking the presumed killer: a NEXUS 5 prototype.

Meanwhile, EFFIE accessed the Tyrell Corp's Replicant program, while a suspicious ILORA searched her apartment, looking for whatever secrets she and Dr. Kine had... but the secret was well kept, even from Effie: Dr. Kine had transferred her consciousness into a Replicant named ASA. Failing to convince Dr. Kine's brother, MARCUS, that he was once his sister, Asa went to Dr. Kine's apartment to retrieve proof, only to find Cal Moreaux waiting...

Moreaux pursues Asa from the apartment to the rooftops, then onto the street. Effie, witnessing the chase, leaves a cab and attempts to stop Moreaux, needing to speak to him.

The pursuit eventually leads into a museum, with Effie now following. Moreaux loses Asa and Effie nearly catches up with him, but is shot by Ilora, who requests Moreaux to eliminate the Nexus-5 within a week and find Marcus Kine. After Ilora leaves, Moreaux – knowing Asa has been somewhere listening – allows Asa to say his goodbyes to Effie. As Asa cradles Effie's body, Moreaux confirms that Asa is Lydia Kine, but not the Nexus-5. The two join forces to assist the citizens of the slums and to take care of the Nexus-5.

Moreaux, Marcus, and Asa go to La Plume Sauvage, seeking assistance from Divina to keep Marcus safe. Moreaux then goes to Gutman, telling him that he's reached the conclusion that Kine's death was by suicide. Meanwhile, beneath Sector 4-A, two men gain entry to a secret meeting, where a woman welcomes them to "the revolution."