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Boneli test

The Boneli Reflex-Arc Test was used by bounty hunter Phil Resch to distinguish androids from humans. Simpler than the Voigt-Kampff Empathy Test, it would detect responses in the upper ganglia of the spinal column, which was microseconds slower in androids.


Resch – who unknowingly worked at a precinct entirely staffed by androids, except himself – believed that the precinct's personnel should have been regularly subjected to the test. However, Inspector Garland opposed this.[1]

When Officer Crams brought in Rick Deckard, who claimed to be a bounty hunter, Garland expressed his doubts about this. When informed that Deckard's alleged murder victim, Max Polokov, was indeed an android, Resch left to get the test to perform on Garland, who insisted that Polokov was human. Upon his return, Resch reactively killed Garland and assisted Deckard in his assignment of retiring Luba Luft. He then performed the test on Deckard, who passed it.[1]