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Bounty hunter
"You're worse. You're a murderer hired by the cops."

Iran Deckard[src]

Bounty hunters were police officers who specialized in the retirement of renegade androids.


Chicago employed Franklin Powers as a bounty hunter in 1991/2020. That year, Powers retired seven Y-4 androids in one day.[1]

Under the supervision of Harry Bryant, San Francisco employed Dave Holden and Rick Deckard, the former being the senior bounty hunter. They were paid $1,000 per retirement, in addition to a salary, and were subjected to the Voigt-Kampff test prior to being given their duties.[1]

After Holden was attacked by Max Polokov, Deckard acted as senior bounty hunter and took over his assignment, retiring a group of Nexus-6 androids.[1]

Another precinct in northern California was entirely staffed by androids, with the exception of bounty hunter Phil Resch, who was unaware of the nature of his colleagues. Resch used the Boneli test in order to identify androids.[1]